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Fast wireless charging feature not working after Samsung One UI 3.1 update

Fast wireless charging feature Samsung One UI 3.1 update
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Many Samsung users who recently got the One UI 3.1 update have come up with reports that they are unable to use the fast wireless charging feature on their devices with third-party chargers.

Samsung recently announced that it will bring the One UI 3.1 skin based on Android 11 for some smartphones from its portfolio.

The One UI 3.1 update is available for the Samsung Galaxy S20 and the Galaxy Note 20 lineup in Canada. While on the positive side, the update will also be rolling out to the Galaxy S10 series and the Note 10 series.
Samsung’s One UI 3.1 update comes with some of the Galaxy S21 features to last year’s flagship phones. But until recently the update did not affect any Samsung users.

Fast wireless charging feature unavailable

Now there have been multiple reports coming from Samsung users who failed to use the fast wireless charging feature on their devices with 3rd party chargers as soon as they received the Samsung One UI 3.1 update.

“Today my Galaxy S20 FE updated to One UI 3.1 and since then, the 3rd party QI charger can’t fast charge the phone. I receive a notification which says it’s incompatible, and only slow wireless charging is possible.” Samsung Community Member

“I was using the wireless charger and saw the update and went ahead and clicked it. After updated I put the phone back to the charger and this notification pop up. Fast wireless charging option is turn on and I have tried turning it on and off, restart the phone already. Is this something from the One UI 3.1 update that cause this issue?” Reddit Member

“This exact thing have happened with me since after the update too.” Reddit Member

Back in 2020, some reports had surfaced related to issues with fast wireless charging. But it was not clear that the issue was regarding the third-party wireless chargers.

Samsung One UI 3.1 update causing this issue

Now, more and more complaints and queries are circulating on community forums. It indicates that the third-party wireless charger owners and those using the latest S21 flagship phones are having this issue.

Samsung offers “Fast Wireless Charging 2.0” as a wireless charging standard giving a 10W+ charge.

It is noteworthy that all users are using the same wireless charger as they previously did. This means that there is no hardware fault.

The company has not given any official word about the fast wireless charging feature issue yet. So we can’t be really sure if it is a glitch or a planned change by Samsung.

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