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Fix Google Chrome Page Unresponsive, ‘Kill Pages’ Error

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Google Chrome is a popular browser that was released back in 2008 for Windows and later released for almost all operating systems. Google Chrome over its lifetime, launched more new features along which the browser is known for taking up RAM and CPU resources. If you’re reading this article on Google Chrome there is a possibility that the page might get stuck. But there are several ways to fix the Google Chrome page unresponsive error.

Fix to Google Chrome Page Unresponsive error

When Google Chrome shows an error that “The following page(s) have become unresponsive,” you have two choices; “Kill pages” or “Wait.” You can avoid this particular error message by:

1: Cleaning Temporary Internet Files and Cache

You just have to clean your cache, history, cookies, and other temporary files. Another obvious option is to close and restart Google Chrome. You can clean your Google Chrome temporary files by following these steps:

1: Click Menu (3 dots) in the top right corner and select Settings, and scroll to Advanced. Look for Clear browsing data under “Privacy and security.”

2: Click on Clear Data.

3: Restart Google Chrome.

2: Repairing Browser Extensions

Open File Explorer and navigate to C:UsersUserNameAppDataLocalGoogleChromeUserDataDefault and look for the Extensions folder. Right-click on Extensions and rename to the folder to Extensions.Old.

Now, check if Google Chrome is working again. If not, the extensions folder has been recreated so you can delete the Extensions.old folder or remove the Extensions folder and rename Extensions.old back to Extensions.

Your extensions will not function correctly until you repair them, so if the extensions were your problem, you have to “repair” them one at a time until the black screen reappears if at all, to determine which extension was causing the problem.

3: Resetting Google Chrome

Go to Settings, Advanced, scroll down to Reset and clean up and click on Restore settings to their original default. A warning will appear, click on RESET SETTINGS.

4: Reinstalling Google Chrome

We might need to uninstall Google Chrome and reinstall it as the last option.
Go to Start, Settings, Control Panel, Apps & Features. Click on Google Chrome and select Uninstall. Next, go to and download Google Chrome to reinstall.

The solution for different crashes and errors with the Google Chrome browser and fixing Google Chrome page unresponsive issue is discussed in detail below:

Google Chrome page unresponsive box

Select one or more web pages and click on Kill. This will force stop these webpages or kill them.  If the error occurs again, we recommend that you restart the browser (or your machine).

Tabs hanging

When a tab hangs on Google Chrome, it shows as a stuck white page. The affected page will be titled Loading, and it will have a spinning icon. Opening a new tab or moving to another page might help the affected page to load as usual. If this doesn’t help, try restarting Chrome or your device.

“Aw, Snap” Error

This error occurs when a webpage doesn’t load as expected. Reloading the page can dismiss this error but, if the message appears again, try closing other running webpages (or try restarting Chrome or your device).

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