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Fix in works for Chromecast with Google TV color distortion issue

Chromecast Google TV issue
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Owners of Chromecast with Google TV have been encountering a color distortion issue for the past few months, as the color distortion occurs and turn in pink hue.

Chromecast with Google TV issue

Chromecast with Google TV is one of the best video streamers available that replaced the Chromecast Ultra. It offers multiple apps, brilliant HDR picture, Dolby Vision and Atmos. The new Chromecast with Google TV comes with enhanced usability and performance. Google has added a voice-enabled remote control as well as its own UI called Google TV.

But, for the past few months, Chromecast with Google TV users are experiencing issue where the colors on the TV on which the device is connected, appear fine at first. But then all colors distort and changes to a pink hue, users reported on online forums.

Complaints on support forums

“I have the exact same issue with a Sony KDL-32EX600. The colors switch from normal to pink/purple after a few minutes. If I wait a few minutes more it can reverts to normal … or not.” Chromecast Help

“Same problem for me, old sony Bravia TV (10 years old, KDL32, no ARC). I tried every hdmi port, every setting on TV and chromecast but I could never fixed this: sometimes it gets pinky and green 3 times in 10 minutes.” Chromecast Help

“Same problem with my Phlips tv. changing resolution helps maybe 15 minutes and than the screen is starting green again.” Chromecast Help

“Experiencing the same problem, switching to blue/pink hue overlay after a random period of time with the new Google TV equipped Chromecast on an older SONY Bravia TV.” Chromecast Help

It first appeared that the color distortion issue was widespread on Chromecast with Google TV with Sony devices only. But then further reports revealed that other devices suffered the same problem.

“Still not fixed on philips/samsung/lg/sony tv. with latest firmware.” Chromecast Help

In last November, a Community Specialist in the Chromecast Help forums confirmed the existence of this issue and told investigation was in progress. However, it has not been resolved to date.

Reportedly, one user reached out Google via Twitter and received a positive reply:

“Hi there, thanks for reaching out! While we don’t have any details to share and time frame to provide, our team is already on top of this and working on a fix. Be sure to follow us on our social channels for news and updates!” – @madebygoogle


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