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Reports: Google Meet is overheating MacBook and laptop

Google Meet overheating MacBook

Several Google Meet users are concerned as they have been experiencing overheating issues on their laptops, particularly MacBook. Even brand new machines with the latest software suffer from this problem.

Google Meet overheating MacBook and laptop

Video conferencing turned out to be a significant tool over the past year, for teaching, learning, conducting meetings, and staying in touch. Google Meet is one of such tools that let you host your video meetings without any charges. It helps you stay present in your important work meetings, graduation meetings, wedding meetings, and everything in between.

Having said that, despite its endless features and advantages – such as, free meetings for up to 100 participants, anti-abuse measures, and a Q&A for live streaming, the service does go through big or small issues that users report on internet forums.  Google Meet causes MacBooks to overheat during meetings, according to the reports circulating across online platforms. It could have been assumed that a bad macOS update is causing this problem. But even non-macOS laptops have similar overheating issues.

Users’ reported issues on forums

“Using Google Chrome in combination with Google Meet always results in nearly unusable condition (heating up Macbook Pro, sometimes BLE drops the connections to headphones/mouse, other tools and windows barely usable).” Google Meet Help

“I am experiencing the same thing. My MacBook and browser are fully up to date. However, my fan goes to full blast and my keyboard gets hot on Meets. This doesn’t happen with other video conferencing software.” Google Meet Help

“I have just bought the new Macbook Pro 2020. My MacBook works like a charm while multi tasking and also when using other RAM intensive function.” Google Meet Help
“But the time I start using the google meet, my MacBook starts to heat intensely. My MacBook is literally 4 days old and I don’t think this machine has any problems.” Google Meet Help

Apparently, the above reports indicate that mostly Google Chrome users are facing this overheating issue. This could be because Google Chrome and other browsers such as Firefox throttle the CPU to full blast to offer the best experience during the calls. But the throttling causes the CPU to get really hot and the fans to spin up to the point where the laptop massively overheats.

Since Google has not announced a stable fix for this issue, the only solution is to use Google Meet on Safari. It doesn’t throttle the CPU and the MacBook or other any laptop works fine during meetings without overheating.

However, Google has acknowledged this issue and the Google Meet Eng team is looking into this problem, according to Google’s Product Expert.

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