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How to turn off obnoxious Samsung Galaxy Ads on your device

Samsung Galaxy Ads turn off

To really learn about Samsung’s absurd and annoying ads on its smartphones, you have to figure out why big companies advertise. Google shows ads because its “free services” still require money. Websites and YouTube channels show ads because the content they are providing without charges is not free for them. They need to be paid for what they are offering you for free.

Samsung has started pushing ads through notifications and its own apps on Galaxy phones, and they’re quite absurd. Every other giant phone maker company provides the same services without requiring ads. OnePlus, OPPO, Huawei, and LG all have weather apps, payment apps, phone apps, and even health apps that don’t serve ads.

You can’t turn off Samsung Galaxy ads

If you’re a Samsung user who might be figuring out “how do I turn off the ads?” The answer is, you can’t turn off most of the Samsung Galaxy ads.

Samsung doesn’t let you completely turn ads off. The most effective way to get rid of ads is to disable the notifications. If you want to use Samsung’s Weather app, chances are you’re going to see ads while doing so. The same applies to many other Samsung apps.

Toggle off the customized ads

Samsung puts the opt-in for ads on its phones in the setup for your Samsung account. The “Use the Customization Service” toggle enables personalized promotions and ads on Samsung apps and in notifications. If you missed the option during setting up the phone, you can still opt-out of personalized ads on your Galaxy phone.

To do this, go to Settings. Tap on Samsung Account, then jump to the Privacy section. You will find a Customization Service option, which brings up a pop-up with a link to your Privacy Settings. You can turn off the customization service, which will customize the ads based on call history, search data, and location.

Mute notifications

It’s almost difficult to ignore Samsung’s ads when they show up alongside your messages and emails.

Go to Settings > Notifications. If there is a new ad through the notification tray,  you can just turn off notifications for that app with the toggle. This won’t really solve the in-app ads issue, however, would give you some relief from other annoying ways of ads. The Galaxy Store marks ads as “Promotions” while there is “Samsung Push Service,” which is responsible for most of the ad notifications you see.

These options will not completely remove ads from your device; they’ll only prevent them from showing up in your notifications tray from onwards.


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