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Fix PS4 error code NP-34958-9

PS4 error code NP-34958-9 frustrates players
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Multiple PS4 owners are frustrated due to the error code NP-34958-9 causing inconvenience to their gaming experience. Moreover, some users say that they see a lock icon or PS4 can’t connect.

Reports of many players complaining about the PS4 error code NP-34958-9

Additionally, there have been reports from users about encountering certain issues with their PlayStation 4 console, such as observing a lock icon or experiencing difficulties connecting to their gaming network.

While the PS4 is renowned for delivering countless hours of entertainment, it is not uncommon for electronic devices to experience occasional errors or glitches, which can understandably lead to frustration among users.

One player wrote: “There’s this error code NP-34954-5 and idk how the hell to get rid of it can someone please help me on this?”

“My friend and his dad are having trouble with their digital games being locked on ps4. And when they try to activate their account the error code np-34958-9 pops up and I can’t figure out what that means,” another reported.

Possible workarounds

Luckily, here are some possible solutions that may assist you in resolving this error code. Please find them outlined below.

 1. PS4 DNS configuration 

  • Access the settings menu on your PS4 console.
  • Navigate to the “Network” section and select “Set Up Internet Connection.”
  • Choose the appropriate connection type, whether it be Wi-Fi or LAN (Ethernet).
  • When prompted to select an IP address setting, opt for the “Custom” option.
  • For the DHCP Host Name, select “Do Not Specify.”
  • In the DNS settings, choose “Manual.”
  • Set the Primary DNS to and the Secondary DNS to (if you are in a different region, please use the DNS servers appropriate for your location).

2. Device Management

Another method that users have recommended involves device management and reactivating your account. Follow these steps to give it a try:

  • Visit the PlayStation website and log in to your account.
  • Access the device management section.
  • Deactivate all consoles that are linked to your account.
  • Enhance the security of your account by changing your password.
  • Return to your PS4 and sign in once more.
  • Navigate to the account settings and activate your console as the primary device.

3. Primary device change

  • Switch the Wi-Fi network that the PS4 is connected to, such as using a phone hotspot.
  • Sign out from the current profile by accessing account management and selecting the “log out” option.
  • Sign back in with the profile.
  • Set your console as the primary device.

4. Restore Licenses

  • Connect your PS4 to your cell phone’s 4G network and see if that resolves the issue.
  • Try restoring the licenses on your PS4. This can be done through the settings menu.
  • Set your account as the primary account on the PS4. This can help in resolving the error.

5: Patience and perseverance

A user has suggested that affected players should be patient and gradually make PS4 their primary device. Trying this process daily over a period of time may eventually resolve the issue.

No official acknowledgment yet

Many users have contacted Sony to report these issues, and several of them have received responses confirming that the Sony team is aware of the problems and is actively engaged in resolving them.

A user shared: “I called Sony yesterday, they told me that the engineers are aware and working on the problem. We have 4 ps4 in the house, so two as secondary and only them has the lock on the apps and can’t do anything. I’ll try the DNS codes in a bit, hopefully it works

Some users even shared screenshots of Sony’s responses. Nevertheless, it’s important to approach this information with some skepticism as there hasn’t been any official confirmation or public acknowledgment of the issue yet.

There are now reports from some players indicating that they are experiencing difficulties verifying their license, resulting in error messages instead.

There are also some rumors that the PS4 error code NP-34958-9 is potentially caused by malfunctioning Sony PSN servers. Additionally, PlayStation support in Japan has announced server maintenance scheduled for June 8, indicating that these issues might be resolved in the near future.

Furthermore, it has been noted by a user that a potential fix is being implemented gradually, as the number of reports regarding this issue has decreased.

With users confirming that Sony is actively addressing the PSN outage, there is hope for the prompt resolution of problems such as the NP-34958-9 error, license verification glitch, and locked games.

However, at present, there is no information available regarding an estimated timeframe for the fix, as Sony has not yet issued an official statement regarding the matter.


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