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PlayStation 5 issues: List of PS5 errors and problems

PlayStation 5 issues

The new PlayStation 5 is finally available for most users around the globe, this console marks the beginning of next-generation consoles. PlayStation 5 along with the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S marks the beginning of a new era for highly advanced gaming consoles. The PlayStation 5 brings several new features, these features significantly improve its system performance. The most notable features include a custom CPU and GPU, in addition to the ultra-high-speed SSD. This new SSD has the potential to make load times shorter than those of all previous models. Games such as Demon’s Souls and Spider-Man: Miles Morales are close to being officially launched, these new games will enhance the PlayStation 5 experience. However, it is pertinent to note that PlayStation 5 also comes with its fair share of issues and problems.

The advent of each new console also brings about a new generation of issues. It is no secret that gaming consoles come with a number of software and hardware bugs. The nature of these issues diminishes the enjoyment level of the new console. A new OS has been incorporated in the PlayStation 5, the new OS comes with a number of new hardware features for the console and controller. Here is a list of persistent bugs and issues being observed in PlayStation 5 by users across the globe:

Issues with connecting to the PlayStation Network (PSN)

Several users have complained about the PlayStation 5 issues that include an inability of the console to connect with the PlayStation Network. The issue makes it difficult to download games available on the PlayStation Network. It is recommended for users experiencing this problem to check their internet connection and try again. The users are also advised to check on their Network Service Status to determine whether there is another issue with the service.

The issue could also be caused by a huge influx of users who are trying to sign-in to the network, download games, and update their new consoles. Therefore, the site might require extra time. This issue might especially persist if users are using the digital console.

PlayStation 5 tends to stall when restarting

Several users reported that each time they try to restart the PlayStation 5 console, the console tends to hang on the restart screen. This causes delay and frustration when restarting the system. This might be the result of bigger issues being faced by your console.

Ongoing power problems with your PlayStation 5

In case your console tends to lose power shortly after you switch it on, or does not switch on at all, or crashes/freezes when you are playing, tends to randomly turn off when you are playing – your console might be facing an internal power issue. In case you are experiencing any of these issues, you should troubleshoot on the PlayStation website to see if you are eligible for a repair.

There have been several complaints by people stating that using the extended storage unit causes their console to shut down. Till the time Sony updates the firmware, the best recommendation would be to avoid using extended storage.

Issues being faced by PlayStation 5 during data transfer after initial setup

A number of users have also complained that using the rear USB ports or LAN cable for data transfer causes issues on the console, these issues come up when rear USB ports or LAN cable are used for data transfer after the initial setup of the console. If users face this issue, they are recommended to try the port located at the front of the gaming console.  If these issues still persist, users are advised to restore their console to factory settings, this has solved the issue for some users. However, it is important to note that a factory reset will delete all user data, console sharing in addition to offline play for the console also becomes disabled after a factory reset.

Rest mode crashes the console

The rest mode feature has also been previously incorporated in Sony hardware. This mode is able to suspend your game by unlocking remote play. The remote play also involves control features that save your game for the future. However, reports indicate that the rest mode is not operating correctly.

Users reported that the rest mode is giving a critical error, this error results in crashes that require database rebuilding. Database rebuilding may brick your gaming console. Unless Sony updates this software, users are recommended to switch off the rest mode on their console. To do this follow the next steps: Go to the PlayStation 5’s main menu, then select Settings > Under System Settings, select the Power Saving feature > Select a Set Time Until your console enables Rest Mode > Select the option that says, “Disable rest mode.”

Issues when transferring PS4 data to PS5

PlayStation 4 users are able to transfer existing saved data along with profiles to the PlayStation 5 console. However, some users, are currently experiencing problems with this seemingly easy transfer process. Users are facing extremely long transfer times when transferring data, some have lost data or ran into a complete hardware failure. The best solution to this might be transferring data over Wi-Fi, and not using a rear USB or LAN port to transfer data.

Problems with updating the DualSense controller

At the time of the initial setup of your PlayStation 5, users are required to plug in their DualSense controller in addition to downloading an update for the controller. Users are advised to ensure that their controller is plugged in through the entire time required for the update. Unplugging the controller halfway or at any time in between might result in connectivity issues between your controller and the console.

If users face this issue, they are advised to keep retrying to downloading the PS5 update. They can also try to do this again after a full factory reset.

Error code CE-108262-9

Users are complaining about persistent system errors and failures. These failures often result in the error code CE-108262-9. The issues associated with this error involve games crashing, the system fails to start, lagging menus. Users facing these issues are advised to get in touch with Sony directly.

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