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Galaxy S20 users report GPS issues; Galaxy Note 8 and S8 suffer, too

Galaxy S20 users report GPS issues; Galaxy Note 8 and S8 suffer, too

The Galaxy S20 is one of the finest smartphones launched this year. But loyal fans who purchased the Galaxy S20 had complained about GPS connectivity issues on the device. GPS has become an increasingly important part of our digital lives. Whether you are ordering food online, booking a cab, or commuting, GPS is essential. Now even after Samsung has rolled out the One UI 2.5 update to the Galaxy S20 many users are still facing GPS issues. The Galaxy Note 8 and S8 owners have encountered similar problems.

Galaxy S20 users frustrated with GPS issues

The Korean electronics giant has released the One UI 2.5 version update to this year’s flagship Galaxy devices including the Galaxy S20 series. The update brings a number of improvements and bug fixes. But it appears to have a bug messing with the S20’s GPS tracking.

The affected Galaxy S20 owners have taken to Reddit, Twitter, and Samsung’s official forum to complain about the GPS issues. A common running theme among all the complaints is that their S20 devices are unable to track movements well. The bug practically bricks the GPS tracking, rendering Google Maps and others apps that need GPS almost useless.

One Galaxy S20 owner wrote on Twitter, “@SamsungSupport I believe there is a major issue with S20 devices after the UI 2.5 update as far as GPS is concerned. This is having a hugely negative impact on using Android Auto with regards to Google Maps. I am aware that Waze had the same issue.”

Samsung Support’s official Twitter handle has reached out to the affected users. But the Korean company hasn’t yet acknowledged the GPS issues affecting the Galaxy S20. It’s unclear if or when Samsung would fix it.

Galaxy Note 8 and S8 facing similar issues

Many Galaxy S8 and Note 8 owners have said that they are also unable to use GPS for navigation. A user shared a video demonstrating how the GPS on his smartphone as well as the Android Auto froze. The affected devices can’t lock the GPS on a specific location.

The volume of such complaints is only increasing by the day. Let’s hope Samsung fixes it at the earliest.

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