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Google Maps users discover road to heaven in Arizona

Google Maps road heaven

Google Maps users have made fun that the site confirms ‘a road to Heaven’ as a road apparently disappears into the sky.

Google Maps users discover the road to heaven

Viewers insist that an unknown search in Arizona on Google Maps Street View confirms heaven is real. It is sort of a low-res image showing a tarmacked road that appears to extend until it connects with the sky. The white ground on both sides of the road also disappears into the sky above.

The street view tool was meant to use as a serious geographical tool. It can be very helpful for exploring a location from the ground view and also shows some fascinating images.

A user posted the screenshot on the content-sharing website, Reddit, and asked “Is this the road to Heaven?” before disclosing the information about the road. Viewers believed that a mystical road had been discovered that goes directly to heaven. However, the original shot was captured in the chambers of Arizona.

One Reddit user commented: “It’s the Highway to Heaven. Scroll back and Michael Landon is hitchhiking.” Another Redditor joked, “Any road can be the road to heaven if you take off your seatbelt and drive very fast.”

Google Maps road to heaven
Source: Google Maps Street View

Reddit Users shared their views

One user scrolled a little bit in the area and found a cute pooch following the Google Maps camera. The original poster replied, “Pretty much confirms that this is, in fact, Heaven.”

But before you head out, one user simply described the image and said that the cam had a problem with the white balance. While a confused viewer thought that it was the roof of a house.

A blog post on the Google website says, “With our updated Street View app on Android, it’s now easier than ever to collect your own Street View imagery and put it in the right place on Google Maps. Using our new connected photos tool in the app, you can record a series of connected images as you move down a street or path.”

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