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Google Pixel 4 XL users say phone randomly turning off in pocket

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Several users are claiming that the Google Pixel 4 XL turns off in their pocket. They say that this happens randomly, the device shuts down abruptly. Users are stating that the device turns off without any apparent reason, even when the battery is full. The phone also shuts down when kept upside down on any surface. This is especially inconvenient because one can miss a lot of important calls.

Google Pixel 4 XL is randomly turning off in pocket for several users

One user reported, “my 4 XL shut off in my pocket while having like 98% battery. Thought “Ok, that’s weird. Have never had a phone do that before. Maybe I pressed the button to turn it of?” Turned my phone back on, still had same battery level, but within 5-10 minutes it happened again. Over the course of the weekend my phone was off more than it was on. Battery was always at same level as when it turned off.”

The issue with battery is ruled out since even after turning on the device, battery was the same as before. Users report that the screen of the phone turns black and they have to hold down the power button for the phone to restart. This can be especially annoying if one has to continuously restart their phone.

Moreover, reports indicate that the issue has only affected Pixel 4 XL, the other models are safe. It is not apparent whether a hardware issue is causing this problem or if it is something else. Several affected users observed that the issue disappeared for them after a replacement. This is because several users got a new unit as replacement because of this issue.

Issue persists for several users

However, many users complained that the problem arose again. They said that the first few months after getting a replacement went by smoothly but the issue came up again. Consequently, this means that the issue is affecting a large number of units. Moreover, it was revealed that the issue also happens when pressing onto the center of the phone’s front surface.

One user said, “Phone keeps turning off in pocket. Decided to find out why and push thumb in center of screen and it shuts off.” The comment section underneath makes it apparent that the issue is acting up in the same way for several people. The device not only shuts off when in pocket or kept with surface down but also when pressed onto the center.

For now, the only solution is to use the phone in such a manner that this issue is not triggered. Users should avoid putting their phones in pockets or upside down. As annoying as this solution sounds, for now we only have this. If  nothing works then maybe you should try for a replacement. Hopefully that ought to do the trick.

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