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Google Pixel 7 wireless charging not working for many

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Multiple reports suggest that there is an issue with the Google Pixel 7 wireless charging option that seems to be not working.

Both the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro support wireless charging through a Qi charger, which is appreciated by many, particularly when using wireless charging stands that offer additional options such as a dock.

The Google Pixel 7 series offers flagship cameras and software updates directly from Google for a reasonable market price.

Unfortunately, there are multiple issues coming up with these devices. Recently users have been dealing with many glitches. For example, cases of network issues and screen flickering, etc.

Social media reports of Google Pixel 7 wireless charging not working

Some Pixel 7 users are experiencing difficulty with the wireless charging features, which either never begins or stops midway through the process. The issue appears to occur suddenly without any apparent explanation.

Some users speculate that the ‘Adaptive Charging’ feature may be the cause of the wireless charging stopping at a certain point, although this is not confirmed, and there are other reasons why the problem occurs for some users.

For example, one user reports that wireless charging stops when the Pixel 7 is inside a case.

“I’ve had this issue when only using my OtterBox. It cuts in and out of charge the whole time,” they said.

One user posted about the wireless charging that doesn’t work at times for them.

“I got the 7 Pro and lately, I’ve noticed that it stops wireless charging either mid-way or doesn’t start charging at all. I’ve not changed any cable or even the Qi wireless charger for that matter,” they posted.

“Bought a brand new pixel 7 pro in early February. Wireless charging worked fine on 4 various chargers around the house for about 3-4 weeks. No issues. Wireless charging stops working about a week ago,” another user reported.

Could it be a hardware related issue?

It is possible that this problem could be a hardware-related issue on some units.

Some users have had to replace the motherboard or receive a new device through a warranty, which is not very encouraging.

A user said: “Sent it back, they tried to repair it but sent a new one (different batch) back. will see how this goes, but I’ll disable pixel stands and adaptive charging in case.”

However, currently, this problem appears to be affecting only some units and is not widespread.

At present, there is no official acknowledgment of the issue from the Google team.

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