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Google Search not showing stock charts for some users

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For some users, Google Search is not showing stock/share price charts which is quite a helpful feature for stock traders and businesses.

Google Search results do not show stock or share chart

Google brings up stock graphs whenever a user searches for details related to a stock market. Or even when looking for terms like “Google stock” to find out the share prices for a public company. It is simply a price chart that shows a stock’s price plotted over a time period along with other sets of information.

Google is undoubtedly the most widely used search engine in the tech universe. And among its many attributes, it takes the credit to provide the most relevant results for a search query.

A number of users reported this issue on an online platform:

Share price chart not working for / in India. Since last 2-3 days. – Google Search Help

Till yesterday it was working fine. But from today 18-Feb-2021, sensex graph is not displayed in search results of google. Also the same with the case of nifty index. Please fix these asap. – Google Search Help 

As the above reports indicate, some users can not find a graph in results when they search up stocks and shares. They only receive an overview of the stock with stock graphs missing. Furthermore, one of the reports implies that the issue is only occurring with the Indian users. Apparently, the problem has started 2-3 days before.

I checked the same for US share prices. And it works fine. So seems like the bug/problem is affecting only Indian market. Google Search Help

Google responds to the issue

As users turned to online forums reporting the issue, Google’s Diamond Product Expert promptly responded:

In view of the number of similar reports, I’ve referred this issue to the Google Search team for investigation.
Please also send your feedback direct to Google. Use the in-app “Send feedback” feature (mobile) or click “Send feedback” at the bottom of any search results page (desktop). This will send the full context of your search to Google for investigation. –

So, users are most likely to wait till Google comes up with a stable solution to the issue.


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