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Videos of GTA 6 gameplay leaked online

Report Indicates GTA 6 Announcement is Close
Image: Video Screenshot

According to media reports, the first alleged footage of the next Grand Theft Auto game GTA 6 has leaked online, with over 90 videos showcasing its engine, gameplay, and more from an early development build.

The historic leak, according to Windows Central, provides a glimpse into GTA 6 development, confirming previous reports of the series’ first female protagonist and a Vice City setting.

The game, dubbed GTA 6, will be the first mainline game since 2013’s GTA V, which has sold a record-breaking 170 million copies to date.

According to the report, over 90 videos from the project are now circulating, showcasing its engine, planned setting, and early gameplay iterations.

The story, which is said to be inspired by the infamous Bonnie and Clyde, also aims to keep the franchise’s satirical themes while crafting a more inclusive tone.

The alleged GTA 6 footage comes from GTA Forums user “tepotuberhacker,” who posted snippets of the game’s open world in action from what appears to be an early development build.

The over 90 videos also provide an in-depth look at robberies, NPC interactions, vehicles, and other aspects of the game’s sprawling sandbox.

The footage appears to be from builds at least a couple of years old, implying that development has been ongoing alongside recent GTA V content updates.

One of the leaked videos of GTA 6

User claims to posted all new GTA game’s leaked footage


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