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GTA 6 getting a release date from Rockstar

Grand Theft Auto maker to release new game's trailer in December

Rockstar is on the brink of making an official announcement about Grand Theft Auto 6. GTA 6 is finally getting a release date from Rockstar after years of fans clamoring.

Sources from Bloomberg have outlined Rockstar’s potential plan for the game’s reveal, with an announcement expected “as early as this week,” followed by a game trailer slated for release next month in December.

GTA 6 release date: coming soon

The December trailer will coincide with Rockstar’s 25th anniversary, marking its founding in December 1998, and just over a decade since the initial launch of Grand Theft Auto 5. Although GTA 6 release date has not been officially confirmed, Rockstar has disclosed that they have been diligently working on the next installment of GTA. They have also informed investors to anticipate a prosperous year in 2024, when the highly anticipated project is anticipated to finally debut.

It is speculated that GTA 6 will be situated in a contemporary iteration of Vice City, the game’s fictional equivalent of Miami, and feature a dual set of protagonists, one male and one female. These particulars were previously reported by Bloomberg, which also mentioned that the game’s map would undergo gradual expansion following its launch.

Fans waiting for GTA 6 release date and announcement

Additional details about Grand Theft Auto 6 emerged last year after Rockstar fell victim to a hack, resulting in a wealth of unfinished assets being leaked online. Rockstar assured that these breaches, while regrettable, would not hinder the game’s progress toward release.

Fans have resorted to increasingly desperate measures in their attempts to uncover clues about the GTA 6 announcement from Rockstar itself. Now, it seems that the wait may not be much longer.

Aug 25, 2022 – PREVIOUS UPDATES:

As of 2022, it will be nine years since the initial GTA 5 release. For years, fans have been anticipating its sequel. However, there have been no official updates about GTA 6 release date.

After the nine-year-long wait, rumors have started circulating about the release of the next game in the Grand Theft Auto franchise.

We have combined the rumors, leaks, and other details regarding GTA 6. Most of the details suggest the new update will be quite different from its predecessors. These details include the storyline, characters, and gameplay map.

The parent company of Rockstar (the developer of the GTA franchise), Take-Two, shared important updates about the upcoming GTA. The company released a statement and claimed that GTA 6 will compete against popular shows, movies, and other game franchises.

“With the development of the next entry in the Grand Theft Auto series well underway, the Rockstar Games team is determined to once again set creative benchmarks for the series, our industry, and for all entertainment, just as the label has done with every one of their frontline releases.”

GTA 6 expected release date

Neither Rockstar Games nor Take-Two has released a launch date for GTA 6. There is also no timeline as to when the game will be out.

However, enthusiasts of the franchise speculated GTA 6 to release between April 2023 and March 2024.

Rockstar Games first stated that the next entry in the GTA series is “well underway” in February 2022, according to a Newswire post. They announced community updates around GTA 5 in the post with a subtle hint to the next game in the series.

Later in June 2022, Rockstar Games reported that they were investing all resources towards the development of GTA 6. It shows the developers’ dedication to the next in series.

However, this announcement puts the company’s other projects such as Red Dead Redemption and GTA 4 remaster on hold. RDR fans were not happy with the news.

While there was no fixed release date from the company’s side, leakers of the game shared some information. Chris Klippel said GTA 6 will not release until the last months of 2024. While Klippel does not work for Rockstar, he has made some reliable speculations in the past.

The same release period was predicted by Bloomberg correspondent Jason Schreier in another Twitter thread. He also said the game will be set in a modern era.

Based on these speculations, it is very likely that GTA 6 will release in late 2024 or early 2025.

Last month, Rockstar announced that it has been “steadily moving more development resources” to the next game in the series over some years.

Earlier this year, some GTA 6 designers at the Rockstar Edinburgh office quit due to concerns about a “lack of progress” on the upcoming game, reported Bloomberg.

Why is GTA 6 delayed?

Similar to other AAA video games development, GTA 6 has some factors causing the slow progress. The biggest element is the COVID-19 pandemic as well as internal conflicts at Rockstar. According to Beebom, the internal conflicts caused the company to rethink its policies and change its team.

Although, many players believe that the company is trying to milk out the popularity and success of GTA 6 before bringing out the next one.

Rumors about the game features

There are many new creative features expected to be a part of GTA 6. These include a female protagonist in a Miami setting. There will be a vast although familiar map and homage to a GTA classic.

GTA 5 has sold over 165 million copies and the game continues to bring in more revenue from its GTA Online mode. Moreover, the recently launched GTA+ subscription offering has also brought in more business.

Unique storyline

According to rumors and leaks, the protagonists of GTA 6 will be related. There will be a female character along with a male lead. The female character will supposedly be Latina, as per a Bloomberg report.

The duo’s backstory will be inspired by famous crime couple Bonnie and Clyde from the 1900s. However, the game will be set in a modern era, revealed game leaker Tom Henderson.

Bloomberg also reported that the new storyline might be Rockstar’s way of “cleaning up image”. Several employees at Rockstar highlighted the issue of the gender gap in the pay scale of their developers.

A 2020 Reddit post (recently deleted) gave more details about the storyline that corroborates the current updates.

The Redditor said GTA 6 was initially codenamed “Project Americas,” meaning it could take place over both American continents. However, this plan was a preliminary design that developers later rejected. The protagonists will still be building their own drug empire, just like the GTA Vice City Stories.

The talk of chapter-based stories will also take GTA 6 to new levels of creativity. In March 2022, Business Insider’s Michael Pachter posted on YouTube that GTA 6 might cover several cities in 500+ hours worth of storyline.

Even though there is no surety about Pachter’s claim, it will be a good way to fix players’ complaints about GTA 5 being too short.

Moreover, a chapter-based storyline points to many new missions, locations, and characters as the chapters unfold. This will be quite similar to RD2.

Gameplay map to feature Vice City

Taking the history of previous GTA games into account, there are two full-scale games based in Los Santos, some titles in Liberty City, and only one major title in Vice City.

Based on the previous patterns, GTA 6’s story may play out in the classic Vice City. The rumor also matches Bloomberg’s report, which shows the location of GTA 6 in Miami and its neighboring areas.

GTA 6 supported platforms

We expect the GTA 6 to have an initial release on just PS5 and Xbox Series X/S. It can be assumed that a PS4 version of GTA 6 will not be available.

Similar to GTA 5, the developers might upgrade the game later and port the game to PC users.

Unfortunately, that could mean that GTA 6 will be available on PC in late 2025 or early 2026. To compare, GTA 5 came out on consoles in 2013 and for PC users in 2015.

This post has been updated with latest information on Nov. 11, 2023.


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