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Hogwarts Legacy ‘trophies not tracking or unlocking’ issue persists

Hogwarts Legacy ‘Take the Biscuit’ cage bug troubles players
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According to multiple reports, some Hogwarts Legacy players are still facing the ‘trophies not tracking or unlocking’ issue.

The Collector’s Edition trophies are not tracking or getting unlocked for players. Due to this bug, gamers are unable to fully complete the game.

Reports of Hogwarts Legacy ‘trophies not tracking or unlocking’ issue

Even after installing the most recent patch, a Redditor reports that the collector’s trophy status bar shows 602/603 trophies collected.

Despite completing all of the collection tests, followed all of the butterflies, and gained all 12 vivarium chests, they are still not able to complete the game.

A user reported: “So I’ve reached lvl 40, even got the trophy for it. I’m trying to platinum the game but for some reason I can’t get the Savvy Spender trophy. It says I’ve only used 35 talent points out of 36. Any ideas?”

“I have picked up every single collectible chest in the game but for some reason I have one conjuration item missing (139/140) under exploration. Does anyone know where I can look this up?” another said.

A PS5 owner also reports that, while the Collector’s edition trophy was activated following the update, the flying field guide page on the bell tower wing remains glitched.

Some people have tried booting an old save game file, restarting the game and their consoles, as well as uninstalling and reinstalling the game, but none of these methods have worked.

Glitches with Poppy & Natty’s quest

Some players are also having trouble achieving the Dragon Debrief quest. At the ‘The Three Broomsticks’ checkpoint, they are reportedly unable to engage with Poppy.

Users complain that whenever they click or use the interaction buttons, Poppy does not react.

“Talk to Poppy After entering the “Three Broomsticks” Poppy has no option to talk with her. She is just there and has the Questsymbol over her head,” one player wrote.

It is claimed that the interactions buttons are missing, preventing players from progressing in the ‘Mum’s the word’ quest. Furthermore, even if one is capable of completing it, the overall game progress does not modify or register.

There is no acknowledgment from the game devs and no workarounds too.

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