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Hulu website showing ‘not secure’ alert to users

Hulu website not secure

There may be a problem with the Hulu streaming service. Several Hulu customers have reported that the website displays a ‘Not secure’ warning.

Hulu is an on-demand streaming service that allows users to watch popular TV shows in the United States.

Reports of Hulu website showing ‘not secure’ warning to users

Many customers have complained that when they try to access the Hulu website, they are frequently presented with a ‘Not Secure’ notice.

The prompt is believed to be enabled when Hulu customers watch an ad or promotion, and it remains active even after the programme is resumed.

Even though some users have tried to directly use the ‘https://’ protocol, the Hulu website still displays a ‘Not Secure’ notice.

Users are frustrated over the security issue and demand a fix. One user posted: “Why is your streaming site not secure anymore? Even when I type in the https:// the website will come back with a ‘Not Secure’ warning. There are a lot of passwords not protected right now on your site.”

It’s not the first time Hulu members have run into this issue. It has previously appeared multiple times.  This issue exists on all web browsers as well as the Hulu desktop app.

“@hulu_support Hello, I see that many people, including myself are continuously getting the “Not Secure” warning while using the desktop app, which shouldn’t appear, since it is a Microsoft store application. Are you aware of this situation and is it being investigated?” a user posted.

“@hulu have you been #hacked to be honest with us tell us what’s going on we have spoken to thousands of people to keep getting a not #secure #certificate from your website,” another subscriber posted.

Official acknowledgment

Thankfully, Hulu support quickly acknowledged the problem and stated that they are looking into it. The team did not, however, provide a timeline for the fix.

Presently, there is no workaround that could help to resolve this issue. As a result, Hulu subscribers will have to wait for an official update.


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