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iPhone 12 has a gap between screen and frame, users say

iPhone 12 gap screen and frame

According to reports by several users online, the iPhone 12 series happens to have a gap between the screen and the frame. The hike in the number of complaints indicate that iPhone users are extremely disappointed with this flaw in the design. Not only does the gap between the screen and frame look highly unappealing in the new iPhone 12, and it is also very inconvenient. Even a small gap is enough to harbor dirt and dust. However, the iPhone 12 gap between the screen and frame is wide enough to fit in a credit card.

The gap between screen and frame in iPhone 12

Needless to say, the gap is a breeding ground for dust and dirt particles. One user complained, “Was cleaning my Black iPhone 12 this morning and noticed these dust particles in between the screen and the metal frame. is anyone also having the same issue?” While bugs and malware in the phone are easier to resolve and take care of. Physical flaws like these are impossible to fix.

iPhone 12 gap display screen and frame
Source: Redirected / MacRumors Forums

Users report that the problems seem to be faced by the Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12, and the iPhone 12 Mini as well. The entire iPhone 12 lineup is plagued with this problem. However, the iPhone 12 is not the only device to be affected by this issue. Google Pixel 5 has also previously suffered from the same gap. Google has been particularly smart while dealing with this issue. Google pushed this flaw in the design under the guise of “normal part of the design”.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 was also affected by this aesthetically unappealing issue. Another iPhone 12 affected user stated, “Has anyone noticed this tiny gap between the screen and the frame which collects dust and dirt?” A large number of users are complaining regarding this issue with their phone.

Gap affects the entire iPhone 12 lineup

The gap was probably caused by the slightly altered design of the iPhone 12’s display. This year, the developers at apple employed a flat display design. The previous models had the so-called 2.5D curved glass that featured a slightly different design. This change translates into the frame being wrapped around the display glass.

This could also mean that the annoying little gap is deliberate. The design aims to spare some room for glass’s slight expansion and contraction that may be faced by temperature fluctuations. However, another user reported, “If that was the case, the gap will be all around the display not just parts of it. In my case, it’s just the left-hand side of the display, others at the bottom etc.”


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