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Google Pixel 5 bugs and issues: Camera result, NFC, 5G

Google Pixel WiFi issue Android 11 Update

Each new model of Google Pixel brings a new set of bugs and issues to haunt customers and the Pixel 5 is no exception. Launched only a few weeks ago, the Pixel 5 has an attractive price tag. Google has used a mid-range chipset and has cut costs in other areas as well to make it easier on your pocket. But how many people would buy the Google Pixel 5 if it has several bugs and issues including a fluctuating speaker volume and NFC payment problems.

Fluctuating speaker volume

Several Pixel 5 owners have taken to Google’s Support forum, Reddit, and other platforms to complain about the fluctuating speaker volume that results in a poor audio quality. One user wrote on Reddit that it “Almost sounds like the sound is moving far then near.” The volume level fluctuates irrespective of the app you are running.

A user named Johnathon Balchin wrote in Google’s Community forum that the volume of the bottom speaker sounds like “it’s been turned down a bit.” It happens spontaneously. Balchin encountered the issue while watching videos on Netflix and YouTube. He clarified that the Pixel 5 was not connected to any Bluetooth device and he was not using headphones.

Other users have faced the same problem while running a variety of different apps including Spotify. It appears to be a software problem rather than a hardware one. A Google Pixel 4 owner has also reported the same problem. Both the Pixel 4 and Pixel 5 run the latest Android 11 software. Google could fix it via a software update in the future.

Meanwhile, a number of Reddit users have found that an app called ‘Flat Equalizer’ fixes the problem. You can download it from the Google Play Store and use it until Google fixes the software bug. Another app called ‘Wavelet’ has also been found to address the issue. You can download it from here.

Google Pixel 5 faces issues with NFC payment

The Pixel 5 owners have also complained that they are unable to make contactless NFC payment via Google Pay. Whenever they attempt, they get an error. Some users said a reboot fixes the problem. But many others found that even full factory reset of the phone doesn’t do any good. Google is yet to acknowledge the problem.

Issues with Pixel Stand

Pixel 5 users have also been experiencing issues with the Pixel Stand. According to several posts on Reddit and the official Pixel support page, the Pixel 5 screen randomly wakes up with full brightness when the device is on the Pixel Stand for charging. A screen waking up at night with peak brightness is really annoying. The issue persists even when the ‘Screen Off When Dark’ feature is enabled.

Some users said the problem occurs after about an hour. Google’s Live Chat has offered several Pixel 5 owners a solution. Their solution was to reset app preferences, turn off and on ‘Do Not Disturb’ and they try. But none of them said it worked. Some Pixel 4 XL users said on Reddit that they were also facing the same issue on their device.

It’s unclear whether it’s a software or hardware issue. A software problem could easily be fixed through an update, but a hardware one could cause trouble for both Google and the affected customers.

Google Pixel 5 users frustrated with the flashing dot issue

The Pixel 5 has a proximity sensor placed under the display. It detects when the screen is close to your ear during calls and then turns off the display to preserve battery. The sensor also eliminates accidental screen touches while on calls. And when the proximity sensor is active, you’ll see a flashing white dot in the top center of the screen.

Many users complained that the flashing dot is visible even on the homescreen and while using apps. The issue is more common among users who have restored from a backup. It appears that Google hasn’t given developers a way to disable the flashing dot if their apps access the proximity sensor.

Fortunately for users, folks have 9to5Mac have found a fix but it has certain drawbacks. Go to Settings > Gestures > Flip to Shh and disable the Flip to Shh. It will turn off the flashing dot. But it also means that your device will not enter the ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode when you put it face down.

No 5G support on Pixel 5

Even though it features a 5G modem, many Pixel 5 owners have found that the device doesn’t support 5G connectivity. The issue has been reported by customers of leading carriers such as Verizon and AT&T. Apparently, Google will roll out a software update next week to add support for more 5G bands and carriers.

Pixel 5 clicking bad photos with third-party apps

Google’s Pixel phones have always had a brilliant camera. But the company made some cuts with the Pixel 5 to make it more wallet-friendly. Previous generations of Pixel had a dedicated Pixel Visual Core that reduced the load on main CPU by processing the camera functions. But Google has removed it from Pixel 5.

Though the main camera app continues to take excellent pictures, third-party apps such as Snapchat and Instagram Stories are now taking pretty bad photos. Apps like Instagram used to take advantage of the Pixel Visual Core, but now they can’t on the Pixel 5. The Pixel Visual Core used to communicate directly with third-party apps.

Fortunately, there is a workaround as pointed by a Reddit user. Google has added a new feature called ‘Social Share’ in Pixel 5. It allows you to use the main camera app even if you are taking pictures to share on Instagram Stories or another app.

Just head over to the camera app settings and you’ll see a list of social apps. You can toggle on up to three social apps that you use frequently. Next time you click pictures with the camera app, you’ll be able to quickly share it on third-party apps of your choice.

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