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Justice for Zohra Shah: Girl beaten to death for releasing caged parrots

Justice for Zohra Shah Free Caged Parrots

According to reports, a seven to eight-year-old girl was beaten to death by her boss in Bahria Town, Rawalpindi. The alleged incident, on Monday, happened because the little girl unintentionally let free some caged parrots, belonging to her employer. Now, there’s a trending hashtag on social media, which simply seeks justice for the little girl, called Zohra Shah.

A Little Girl Beaten To Death Because She Set Free Some Caged Parrots

Reports from Rawalpindi claim a little girl has lost her life after her employer punished her for letting free some caged parrots. The girl, who goes by the name Zohra Shah was said to have started working with the employer a few months ago.

Reports also confirmed that Shah was working domestically, taking care of her employer’s child in Phase III of Bahria Town Rawalpindi, in Pakistan.

Shortly after the incident, a lot of concerned people on social media created a trending hashtag, with the aim of seeking justice for Zohra Shah. Let’s have a quick look at some of the posts trending the hashtag below.

According to a Twitter user @zeeshi_zealous, who’s concerned about the child’s death, he said justice must prevail for Zohra Shah. Here’s what he said below:

“An 8 years old innocent soul was beaten to death by her employers after she mistakenly released some birds from the cage….this shit should be hanged in public Why human life is so cheap… The birds left the cage An Angel left the Universe. #JusticeForZohraShah”

Another twitter user @ArmeenButt said the little girl’s employer is a monster. Also in her tweet, she compared other people out there doing the same thing as demonic.

Furthermore, @ArmeenButt said employing a little girl to work for you is not a favor. Instead, it’s sheer wickedness and an act of slavery.

Justice For Zohra Shah

Any Justice Yet For Zohra Shah?

According to reports, the wicked boss Hassan Siddiqui, after tormenting the little girl for letting free some of his caged parrots, left the girl in the hospital to die.

It was the staff of the hospital that alerted the police to arrest the man. Presently, he has been apprehended together with his wife and taken to Rawat Police station.

Although investigations are still ongoing, reports so far claimed it’s not the first time the little girl was abused. She has old wounds on her, which are just healing up. Also, the police suspected that there might have been some act of sexual abuse on the little girl. As such, the couples have been filed with an FIR with charges of rape and murder.

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