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Kodi not opening or loading after v20 update for Android users

Kodi not opening or loading after v20 update, android users report

Multiple Android TV users are reporting that Kodi is crashing, not loading or opening after the v20 update.

Kodi is a popular free software for controlling and creating media centres it is typically one of the top apps for Android TV users. You have the option of using it only as a video player or making the most of all of its capabilities for more options.

However, it appears that a recent upgrade is causing problems with the tool’s functionality.

Reports of Kodi v20 not opening or loading

According to numerous reports, the tool is crashing or losing files on local storage after the Kodi v20 version, also known as the “Nexus” update.

A user posted: “Just installed Kodi v 20 on my 2019 Shield. After installing the Plex for Kodi addon, it simply won’t open. It just shows the three dots trying to open the addon, but nothing happens. On my other Shield with Kodi v 19, the addon is working fine.”

Another user reported: “Kodi v20 broke plex addon? Looks like a new update hit my android TV, but my plex addon won’t open anymore…just a permanent loading screen showing the plex logo with an ellipses.”

Additionally, there are instances where Kodi add-ons (like Plex) fail to load or function. A popular add-on called “Plex” appears to be one of those impacted.

The Kodi v20 “Nexus” version also contains another flaw that results in an error when accessing local storage files. Because Kodi’s internal file browser does not recognise local files, it will not be able to play them.

Because of this bug, Kodi-compatible files can only presently be played by those who are impacted by it.

“It was working without a headache for at least a year. Tonight I turned it on and it looks like it updated, but it can no longer see my video files. It can see the directories and such, but it cannot see the files,” a Redditor updated.

No workarounds but alternatives are available

Unfortunately, individuals whose Kodi has fully ceased working are without any viable workarounds. There are some still-functioning alternatives for Plex add-on users, though.

For one, some users have verified that the Kodi alternative add-ons “PlexKodiConnect” and “Composite” are still functional following the update.

There is no official acknowledgment of the issue.

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