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Kodi 20.1 Nexus now available for download

Get the latest bug fixes with Kodi 20.1 Nexus download
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A new update of Kodi 20.1 Nexus is available for download. The final APK has been released for Android, Windows, iOS, and Mac versions.

Kodi, a well-known media player and center, has been widely used for many years, starting from its previous version called XBMC. The release of Kodi 20.0, known as Nexus, aimed to “enhance stability and performance with some interface and codec updates.”

Kodi 20.1 Nexus released for download on Android, iOS, Windows and Mac

A new 20.1 update is now being rolled out, which is smaller in size but still an important upgrade for those already using version 20.0. Unlike the previous update, this one only focuses on bug fixes and improvements.

You can check the full changelog to see if your problem has been addressed in this release. If not, you can reach out to Kodi’s developers to let them know about your problem.

The update includes fixes for audio, DVD, filesystems, game/retroplayer, and more, and there are specific platform improvements for Android and Windows.

The Kodi team said in a blog post, “There are no major changes since the previous version, and you should be fine to install this straight over the top of any existing Kodi 20.x installation – indeed, this will happen automatically on many platforms.”

It is recommended to download the latest version of Kodi as soon as possible, but make sure to back up your data and settings before updating to avoid any potential issues.

Important update for Android devices

The latest update is particularly beneficial for Android devices, as it includes a new algorithm that can detect and solve common audio issues, along with several fixes for Kodi’s Python libraries.

Although other platforms also have some improvements, Kodi has mainly restored keyboard shortcuts for the Favorites window, addressed problems with context menus and subtitles, and enhanced the built-in UPnP server.

Furthermore, Kodi is expected to handle NFS4 and Samba filesystems with fewer issues than before. If you are currently experiencing any issues or bugs, you will benefit most from this update.

Kodi’s customizable interface allows users to personalize their media center experience with skins, add-ons, and plugins and has made it a favorite among users.


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