Linen clothes: unique features, stylish looks and how to care of it

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Linen clothing is a sign of a refined taste and good sense of style. Be sure, clothing made of this material will be relevant regardless of the time and what is shown on the catwalks. You can not even doubt – in women’s linen clothing you will always be irresistible!

A little bit of history

Linen clothing dates back to the times of ancient Egypt and Palestine. It was highly valued, and canvases and other fabrics were made from it. You can still see beautiful examples of ancient paintings on Egyptian mummies. By the way, it is impossible not to mention the vision – an unusually white and expensive linen cloth, which was considered the pinnacle of art in the production of canvas. Many people believe that writing paper in ancient times was obtained from flax.

Unique features

The advantages of this fabric cannot be overestimated. Here are some of them:

  • eco-friendliness (chemistry is not used when growing good flax);
  • thermal insulation (clothes from flax not only allow the skin to breathe in 30-degree heat, but perfectly retains the heat in the cold season, if it is worn under a warm jacket or wool cardigan);
  • antiseptic properties;
  • antistatic (the material does not stick to the feet, and even to the tights);
  • durability (over time, the clothes only become softer, and it becomes more pleasant to wear it).

How to wear clothes made of flax?

  • Women’s suit

It is better to wear the elements of a linen suit separately, for example, a jacket with a cotton skirt and a silk top, and a skirt with a light cardigan or a denim jacket. This way the mixing of the textures will make the look more stylish and unusual.

  • Dress

A linen dress should be worn with beige underwear, because white one will be visible under such a dress. Try to choose colorful or white accessories, they will make the look more original and brighter. When choosing a jacket for an evening dress, pay attention to the knitted jacket, to an openwork, knitted blouse or a soft, cardigan of neutral shades. If you complement a linen dress with a denim vest your look will instantly become modern.

  • Trousers

You can wear trousers from flax with a cashmere sweater in autumn, with a silk blouse in spring, or with a cotton T-shirt in summer, so, any top will be good here . Narrow trousers can be rolled up in the spirit of casual chic, and wide ones can be worn with a wedge or ballet flats.

  • Sundress

A white sundress from flax is among the most fashionable things this summer. Complement it with bright jewelry, for example, pink or blue. A sundress, bright jewelry and a white linen jacket – and a stylish set for work in the office or dinner with friends is ready.

  • Jacket

The jacket goes perfectly with the dress, and on a cool summer evening it can be thrown on instead of a cardigan.

  • T-shirt or top

It is logical to wear a linen T-shirt or top with trousers made of the same material. However, a more modern version of the look, can be created with jeans, or a denim skirt, that will also look great with this top.

  • Skirt

Flax is ideal in combination with wooden jewellery and sandals with cork soles – it looks simple, but very stylish and summery. Usually, skirts are worn with blouses or with a tight-fitting top made of natural fabric, a plain cardigan will also do here.

  • Accessories

Natural accessories look more organic with flax – for example, wooden earrings and a leather strap. You can also try unusual sets: yellow and silver metals will work well with trousers and a jackets made of flax.

How to care of the flax?

Linen fabric is less polluted and easier to wash than cotton. However, it should be borne in mind that it is not recommended to soak this fabric for a long period of time.

Try to wash linen clothes at a temperature no higher than 60 degrees, and if you use washing machines, choose a delicate washing mode. As for the ironing, do it in a high temperature after sprinkling the clothes with water. Linen clothes can be subjected to all kinds of dry cleaning, and it carries it even better than washing.

In winter and summer, in heat and cold, clothes made of natural fabrics will be comfortable, practical and stylish. The presence of flax in your wardrobe will always emphasize your taste, the desire for a healthy lifestyle and stryving to environmentally friendly materials. Now it is experiencing a new boom in the textile industry, because in last few seasons many fashion designers have turned their attention to this material and offer options for every taste and color both on the catwalk and as an outfit for going out, up to formal and evening dresses. Be sure, flax never goes out of fashion.


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