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India to UK: World’s longest bus service starting next year

new bus service UK to india

To encourage tourism and travel, a new bus service from India to UK is being launched. This bus will travel through approximately 18 countries and cover about 20,000 km. The 70-day journey will be nothing short of a marvel, tourists on the bus will be able to experience fascinating cultures and terrains.

The unique bus route from the India to UK

The route to be taken by the bus from India to UKĀ is planned by Adventures Overland, the bus service will officially be launched somewhere in 2021. The itinerary followed by the bus includes stopping across 18 countries and visiting the most tourist worthy places in all of these countries. The bus will stop at European hot spots including Moscow, Vilnius, Prague, Brussels and Frankfurt. The bus will also allow passengers to visit ancient cities in Uzbekistan such as Tashkent and Samarkand. This unique route is designed for passengers to experience everything, from modern hustle bustle to ancient temples in forgotten cities.

Passengers will have the option of purchasing tickets for the full journey or choosing to travel for one of the four legs. Passengers will be able to opt for a journey that best suits their schedule, this system is designed so that the maximum number of passengers can experience the fantastic journey. This bus service will be the first of its kind by offering a hop-on/hop-off service across 18 countries between UK and India.

What the route offers

The bus itinerary also features a cruise on the shores of Caspian Sea in Kazakhstan. After the cruise, the bus will continue on the route to China to explore the mighty Gobi Desert. Passengers will also partake in climbing the Great Wall of China, one of the seven wonders of the world. The founders of Adventures Overland also have a bunch of other interesting activities planned to fully engage the passengers in each place they visit. Passenger will also get a chance to meet the Giant Pandas in Chengdu before traveling through the historic Silk Route.

Before arriving at the final stop in New Delhi, the bus will also stop at Myanmar to allow passengers to explore the towers of pagodas. Keeping in mind the ongoing restrictions on travel due to Covid-19, this bus will offer an experience not to be missed. From exploring sandy desserts, cruising on the sea, and climbing the Great Wall of China, this bus service offers it all and much more. This is a perfect opportunity for travel-hungry enthusiasts.

The departure date of this mega-experience has not been announced yet but it is likely to take off in July 2021. The summer months will be the best time for this experience since many passengers will easily be able to squeeze the 70 day trip in their schedule. The founders of Adventures Overland, Sanjay Madan and Tushar Agarwal promise all passengers a chance to experience an epic journey.


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