Oculus Quest users unable to access device due to ‘Software update required’ error

Oculus Quest ‘Software update required’ error

Some Oculus Quest users are unable to set up their devices or access content due to a ‘Software update required’ error.

Oculus Quest is a Virtual Reality (VR) headgear from Meta, previously known as Facebook. These devices are made by combining all the essential hardware for a visually stimulating experience.

Social media reports of Oculus Quest ‘Software update required’ error

Oculus Quest VR headsets get regular updates via the Oculus or Meta app. Often, these updates are compulsory and users are not able to use the device if the update is not installed.

However, the persisting error prevents the headset from detecting the currently available update. 

Oculus Quest users are annoyed by the issue as they are unable to access their games and apps. And they constantly get stuck on the ‘Software update required’ screen.

“My oculus isn’t updating. I’m in the system update menu and I click update, it shows the loading symbol and does that for a little while then goes back to showing the update button. It either does that or shows downloading update. But it stops whenever I take the headset off,” a user posted on Reddit.

Another user posted that they need to perform a system update, but no update is available.

“I just moved into college and set my Quest 2 to the Wi-Fi. I have not had any problems prior to this. Quest 2 is requesting a perform a system update to log in, but the settings will not find a system update,” they posted.

Users are facing difficulty to link their controllers due to the error. It is not just limiting existing Oculus Quest users from accessing their content. But new users are also affected and are not able to set up their headsets.

Official acknowledgment and potential workarounds

The Meta team has responded to the issue and working to fix the problem. However, there is no ETA yet.

Fortunately, there are also some workarounds for those experiencing error that prevents them from accessing their content.

For users with an issue with linking the controllers to the Oculus Quest, they can check this Reddit thread for troubleshooting steps.



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