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Pixelbook Go password login issue, users found a possible fix

Pixelbook Go Password login issue

Pixelbook Go and some other Chromebook users have reported an issue where they are unable to type in a password on the login screen.

The Google Pixelbook features a smooth design and fast internals. It gave tough competition to the already ruling Windows and Macbook laptops as soon as it launched a few years back. The Google Chromebook starts at a price of $999.

The Pixelbook Go is the ultimate Chromebook with great battery life and an amazing keyboard. It has very few drawbacks for both moderate users and die-hard fans of Google and Chrome OS.

Issue of Pixelbook Go users unable to type password for login

However, issues occur in all laptops regardless of the operating system. This time Pixelbook Go users encountered a login issue as they couldn’t type in a password. As the original poster reported the issue on the Google support forum, several others also shared the same concerns.

“My password block is bright blue and I can’t type my password in. I was sent to a previous thread, but that doesn’t mention the bright blue box, says the problem is fixed, appears to apply to pixelbook, and I still can’t sign in.”

“Mine went from blue line to a menu button for guest use. I Backed out, restarted and now I’m stuck on chrome title screen. Will monitor from here,I know nothing more to do for now. Left feedback on my google account.”

Google Team is aware of the login issue

However, the issue is already into the knowledge of the Google team and they are trying to fix it soon. According to the Gold Product Expert, it is, unfortunately, a known bug and has been escalated to the ChromeOS team.

Meanwhile, the Chromebook users found a fix on their own and shared it with others on the support forum. One user advised using a pointer in the center of the PW block and then type in the password. Another user suggested this method:

“Go to the Settings wheel, then click Chrome OS at the bottom left, then click Check for Updates then restart.”

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