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PS5 ‘wv-109156-2’ error shows up for users

Sony PlayStation 5 sales cross 50 million units
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Many PS4 and PS5 players are seeing error messages “wv-109156-2” and “0x00000023 SSL connect”. The errors appear unexpectedly for certain gamers when they attempt to load an Electronic Arts (EA) game.

Reports of PS5 ‘wv-109156-2’ and “0x00000023 SSL connect” error 

Sony’s newest console, the PlayStation 5, has seen tremendous market success. Due to the intense demand for consoles there, it’s not uncommon to experience issues attempting to find a PS5 at the original price.

A popup window with the words “Something went wrong” signals the issue. The only choice available to users at that point is to choose “OK” and quit the game.

“Need help with something on my PlayStation. Just went to play need for speed unbound after it being a couple of days since I last played it and I got this white screen and an error code wv-109156-2 and it won’t let me play the game,” an affected user posted.

Another user posted: “My apex won’t work (ps5). my apex is frozen on a white screen when logging on and shows in the top left corner: ERROR: 0x00000023. SSLError: 0x0000000. SSL connect error.”

Some people claim that the issue is connected to a recent server outage at EA.

Potential workarounds + official acknowledgment

There are players who managed to resolve the error by re-signing into with their PlayStation Network (PSN) credentials.

“Managed to get this working by simply resigning into Had the same error appearing when trying to play It Takes Two online. Hope this helps,” one player recommended.

In other instances, players also needed to accept EA’s updated terms and conditions.

For some players, disabling 2-Factor Authentication on their EA Account has worked as a possible fix.

Affected players can try the following steps to see if it works for them:

  1. Log into your EA Account at
  2. Go to Account Settings -> Security
  3. DISABLE 2-Factor Authentication
  4. On your console, close NHL 23 and reboot the game
  5. Attempt to connect to the EA servers

EA Support noted this problem and stated that they were attempting to resolve it. They did not, however, give an ETA for a fix.


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