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Samsung Galaxy facing VoLTE and 5G connectivity issues

Samsung Galaxy VoLTE 5G connectivity issues

Samsung’s Galaxy series is one of the world’s most successful smartphone line-ups in the world. Both the mid-range and premium models in the Galaxy range offer excellent value for the money. However, a large number of users have recently reported VoLTE and 5G connectivity issues on their Samsung Galaxy phones. The problem began haunting people after a recent software update.

Samsung Galaxy users report VoLTE and 5G connectivity issues

For the uninitiated, Voice over LTE (VoLTE) is a technology that uses part of the LTE data spectrum for voice calls. It offers clearer calls and more steady signals. The Galaxy owners from different parts of the world have reported VoLTE and 5G connectivity issues. The problem is not specific to a geographic area.

The affected devices include Galaxy M31, M21, A30, A30S, and even the Galaxy Tab S7 Plus 5G. The devices lose Internet connectivity unexpectedly during voice calls.

An affected Galaxy M21 owner wrote in Samsung’s Community forum that VoLTE for both SIM cards “sometimes work on Samsung M21 and sometimes not.” The user said he has another device (Redmi Y3) with the same mobile network. The Redmi phone never experiences the VoLTE connectivity issue.

Another user said he “can’t use Internet while on call” on his Galaxy M21. He couldn’t get it to work despite tinkering around in settings. He reached out to the telecom operator, who said the problem was with the device rather than the network.

Have you tried these workarounds?

The US telecom giant Sprint has acknowledged the problem and offered a temporary workaround to the affected customers. According to Sprint, even the loss of 5G connectivity could be related to VoLTE because 5G is “only available when VoLTE is working.”

If you are experiencing the VoLTE and 5G connectivity issues on your Samsung Galaxy device, Sprint suggests a couple of workarounds. You can turn off the device and then turn it on to attempt VoLTE registration again. Alternatively, turn on the Airplane Mode for at least 30 seconds and turn it off. We don’t know if or when Samsung will roll out an official fix.

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