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iOS 14 battery drain issue, bluetooth and other bugs

iOS 14 battery draining issue and other bugs

UPDATE Oct 6, 2020: It’s no secret that whenever a new iOS version comes out, it contains some bugs and other issues. Apple tends to fix them in a subsequent minor update. iOS 14 also contained tons of bugs. Customers who updated their iPhones have complained about the battery drain issue, Bluetooth, and other bugs. Apple has released the iOS 14.0.1 update, but it doesn’t address the battery drain problem. The tech giant has suggested a way to fix the iOS 14 battery drain issue, but it’s not easy.

Apple acknowledges ‘increased battery drain’ issue with iOS 14

The Cupertino company has published a support document. It provides a workaround to the battery drain issue after updating to iOS 14, which Apple referred to as “increased battery drain”. The support document also addresses other issues such as the missing or inaccurate fitness data.

There are hundreds of social media posts from angry customers complaining about the battery drain issue after installing iOS 14. One affected user wrote on Twitter that his iPhone’s battery dropped from 90% to 3% in just one hour.

Erase all your content, says Apple

So, what is Apple’s solution to the problem? It took Apple weeks to acknowledged the battery drain issue. And the company hasn’t fixed it with the iOS 14.0.1. But if you are experiencing any two or more of the seven issues listed here, you can resolve them by erasing all settings and content from your iPhone running iOS 14.

You have to unpair your iPhone and Apple Watch, take a backup of your data to iCloud, erase all content from the iPhone, and then restore your iPhone and Apple Watch from the iCloud backup. It should resolve the battery drain issue. But you won’t be able to restore the missing environmental sound levels, workout route maps, or any other missing data.

The battery drain issue after a major software update is quite common. But after a few days the issue disappears. Or Apple fixes it via a minor update. This time it has been different. Let’s hope Apple fixes it with the iOS 14.0.2.

Previous Updates

Apple rolled out the iOS 14 software to compatible iPhones last week. Millions of people have since downloaded and installed it on their iPhones. Most people are busy with all the cool new features such as Widgets, App Library, Translate app, Sleep schedule, and improvements to Messages. But a large number of users are complaining about the battery draining issue after installing iOS 14. The iOS 14 also contains a number of other bugs.

iOS 14 battery draining issue

The affected users have taken to Twitter and other social media platforms to express their frustration at the rapidly depleting battery after installing the iOS 14. One Twitter user wrote, “Apple must do something about this battery drain on iOS 14.” Another said that his iPhone’s battery used to last a full day on a single charge. But after upgrading to iOS 14, he needs to charge at least twice daily.

The iOS 14 battery draining issue should be part of the normal behavior. Yes, it’s most likely a normal thing rather than a bug in iOS 14. When you get a major software update, you spend a lot of time figuring out all the features and changes and customizing the interface to your liking.

At the same time, app developers are rolling out updates to their apps to take advantage of features in the new software. If you have the automatic updates turned on in the App Store, you’ll likely see the battery drain faster.

What’s more, when a new software version arrives, it re-indexes all the data on your iPhone. It directly affects the battery life. The battery draining issue persists for a few days after updating to iOS 14.

Cellular network problems

Many users have been complaining that their iPhones are not getting any cellular signals after updating to iOS 14. The signal strength is negligible. However, some of the affected users noted that the issue was resolved after rebooting the device.

Bluetooth issues

Another issue after updating to iOS 14 is that users are unable to connect the previously connected devices via Bluetooth. If you are facing the same issue, you could tap on ‘Forget Device’ in Settings > Bluetooth and then reconnect your Bluetooth devices with the iPhone.

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