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Samsung Galaxy S20 issues and problems: How to fix

Galaxy S20 issues

Shortly after the release of Galaxy S20 in February, a lot of people started lauding the effort of Samsung. With the newly added features of the device, it’s no doubt one of the best Android devices. Although the Samsung Galaxy S20 is a powerful device with lots of great features, it certainly has its problems and issues.

According to reports by the Samsung Galaxy S20 users, here are some of the issues being faced so far:

  • Green screen tint
  • Camera quality
  • Fingerprint scanner problem
  • Freezing and unresponsive issue
  • Drawer button missing
  • Battery life issue

galaxy s20 green tint issue

How To Fix Samsung Galaxy S20 Green Screen Tint Issues

No doubt, one of the recent issues being faced by Samsung Galaxy S20 is the green screen tint. And as seen in the Samsung community, a lot of users have already started complaining about it. Let’s see what most of them are saying below:

According to userH43uuguBre:

“I just had the same issue. But I noticed that you can fix it by changing the motion smoothness back to 60Hz. But I still want to use the 120Hz.”

Also, according to userTVRLFRMELB:

“I have the same issue, please fix this thing. I want to use the 120hz feature, and I hope Samsung will fix this as soon as possible.”

Well, it seems like Samsung is already on top of the issue as it has pushed out a new update for the Galaxy S20 series. The new update is reported to have come with a firmware version G98xBXXU1ATD3, and it’s started rolling in Germany, with further updates coming in a few days. Also, we’ve been able to confirm that the new update was able to remove the green screen tint issue and most other issues.

galaxy s20 fingerprint scanner issue

How To Fix Fingerprint Scanner issue

The fingerprint scanner issue is also a common issue for Samsung Galaxy S20 users. We cannot talk about how to fix this issue without mentioning the built-in screen protector. That’s because the plastic film makes your scanner struggle. So, in order to fix the issue, you need to remove the protector and replace it with a new S 20+ screen protector.

If the problem persists, try and remove the screen protector, restart the registration process over again. It’s also essential that you move your finger in several different positions during the process.

Galaxy S20 accidental touch

How To Fix Accidental Screen Touch Issue

No doubt, the new Samsung Galaxy S20 series has a huge screen size, especially that of S20 ultra. With that, there’s bound to be an accidental touch. However, there’s a way you can set up your device to avoid this issue. Not only will it fix this issue for you but it’ll also prevent the screen from coming on when you put it inside your pocket.

So, to fix your device’s accidental screen touch issue, follow the steps below:

  • Go to Settings and choose Display
  • Scroll to Accidental touch protection and switch ON.

How To Fix Freezing And Unresponsive Issue

I’m sure most, if not all Galaxy S20 are free of this issue. However, if you have freezing and unresponsive issue with your Samsung Galaxy S20, you may try your hand on the steps below.

  • Press both the power and volume down button of your device
  • Hold them down for at least 8 seconds
  • The phone will switch off and restart itself

If the problem persists, you should wait for the April update to get rolled out to you.

Galaxy S20 App Drawer Button Missing Issue

Fixing Galaxy S20 App Drawer Button Missing Issue

Coming from an older iPhone device, you’re likely to have issues with the drawer button. That’s because the Samsung Galaxy S20 does not have any physical button and app launcher.

So, to fix your Samsung Galaxy S20 drawer button issue, you need to follow the steps below:

  • Press and hold any blank space on your S20 device
  • By doing that, it will zoom out to an edit and layout page, and provide you with the wallpaper option
  • Select the gear-shape setting button
  • Then, tap the app button and proceed to select the show apps button

Fixing Battery Life Issue

Fixing your Samsung Galaxy S20 battery life issue, including battery drain, is not as difficult as you might have thought. All you need is to follow the simple steps below:

  • Go to Settings on your device
  • Click on the Device Maintenance Battery
  • Then click on the Battery Usage to see apps that are consuming your battery

Furthermore, you’ll get a battery drain if you have Apps that are misbehaving. So, in case there’s any, you might need to disable and reinstall it, to enjoy your battery life.

In case you try any of the above, and couldn’t achieve the desired results, then you might have to wait for Samsung to roll out April’s update to you. It will likely remove most of the issues with Samsung Galaxy S20.

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