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Samsung Galaxy S25 release date, specs and rumors

Samsung Galaxy S25
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Samsung’s next flagship phone, the Galaxy S25 Ultra, is set to arrive early next year. We’ve gathered all the latest rumors to help you decide if it’s worth the wait. Or if you should stick with the current Galaxy models.

Even though Samsung recently unveiled its latest flagship phones, it’s already busy working on the next generation. Here’s a look at what you can expect from the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S25.

Samsung Galaxy S25 release date

The Galaxy S25 Ultra’s exact release date hasn’t been announced yet, but we’re expecting it in early 2025. Samsung usually launches its new Galaxy S series phones around this time, so it’s a pretty safe bet. For example, the S24 range was released on January 31st, almost in February. With this in mind, the Galaxy S25 series will likely come out in January or February 2025.

Alongside the S25 Ultra, the S25 and S25+ will also be released. Pre-orders for the Samsung Galaxy S25 Ultra will begin following its announcement at the Samsung Unpacked event in early 2025. The pre-order period is expected to last around two weeks before the phone becomes available for purchase.

Galaxy S25 specs and features

Samsung hasn’t revealed anything official about the Galaxy S25 range yet, but rumors are already circulating. One of the key updates with new phone releases is often the operating system. The Galaxy S25 Ultra is expected to launch with Android 15 and One UI 7.

Next-gen language model Gemini Nano

In addition to the updates in Android 15, the S25 Ultra will likely feature the second version of Google’s mobile-optimized language model, Gemini Nano.

The first version is on the S24 phones, so it’s anticipated that Gemini Nano 2 will enhance the AI capabilities of the S25 Ultra. Samsung is expected to further improve AI on the Galaxy S25 Ultra. Previously, features like Circle to Search, Photo Assist, and Live Translate were added to Samsung’s phones. And we can expect even more changes next year. There will likely be a focus on photography and text generation enhancements.

A new Exynos processor

The upcoming Galaxy S25 series is anticipated to introduce significant design alterations, upgraded cameras, the Snapdragon 8 Gen 4 processor, and One UI 7 software built on Android 15. Additionally, certain models within the Galaxy S25 series might debut a new Exynos processor (possibly Exynos 2500). This processor utilizes advanced CPU cores from ARM and Samsung Foundry’s second-generation 3nm process. This rumored chipset is said to be specifically crafted for enhanced performance and efficiency. And possibly incorporating features tailored for Galaxy devices.

Samsung Galaxy S25 design

A report from leaker Revegnus suggests that the S25 range might sport an updated design. Ilwhan Lee, the MX division Design Team Leader and former Mercedes Benz designer are reportedly leading this redesign. They have been tasked with overhauling the new models’ aesthetics. We might soon see leaks of potential cases and chassis from the supply chain. Both the S25 and S25 Plus are expected to feature the same armor aluminum frame. While the titanium frame will remain exclusive to the S25 Ultra.

samsung galaxy 25 phone
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Display updates

According to well-known Korean leaker Yeux1122, the Galaxy S25’s screen size is expected to increase from 6.2 inches in the Galaxy S24 to a slightly larger 6.36 inches, matching rumors about the larger display of the iPhone 16 Pro. This likely means the phone will be slightly bigger overall compared to its predecessor, as Samsung had already minimized the bezels in the S24 model to maximize screen space.

Next-level camera features

According to a trustworthy source named Ice Universe, the upcoming Galaxy S25 Ultra will still feature four cameras, but two of them will get bigger and higher-resolution sensors. Ice Universe shared on the Chinese microblogging site Weibo that the Galaxy S25 Ultra is expected to sport a 200MP primary camera, a 50MP ultrawide camera, a 50MP telephoto camera with 3x optical zoom, and a 50MP super-telephoto camera with 5x optical zoom.

If this information turns out to be accurate, Samsung will be improving all the rear-facing cameras on the Galaxy S25 Ultra with newer, higher-resolution sensors. In comparison, the current Galaxy S24 Ultra includes a 200MP primary camera, a 12MP ultrawide camera, a 10MP telephoto camera with 3x optical zoom, and a 50MP super-telephoto camera sensor with 5x optical zoom.

More camera enhancements

In addition to his design leaks, Revegnus has suggested that Samsung will move away from the GN3 camera sensors used in the Galaxy S24 range for the Galaxy S25 devices. Instead, they are expected to switch to improved Sony sensors, though the specific variant isn’t mentioned. Sony has a strong reputation for making high-quality camera sensors, which could enhance the photo and video capabilities of the new Galaxy S25. However, the Galaxy S25 Ultra will be an exception and will feature Samsung’s own ISOCELL sensor range.

Another online reporter, Bennett Buhner, has shared a list of rumored specs for the S25 Ultra’s camera setup. According to him, it will feature a quad-camera system with a 1-inch 200MP main sensor, an improved 50MP ultrawide, a 50MP variable telephoto camera with 3x to 5x zoom, and a 50MP telephoto camera with 10x zoom.

samsung galaxy 25 set
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Performance rumors

As Samsung’s flagship line, the Galaxy S25 models are expected to feature the latest Snapdragon 8 Gen 4 chipset in North America and Asia, rumored to launch by the end of 2024. Samsung might follow the approach used in the S24 range, equipping the regular and Plus models with one of its own Exynos chips. By the time the S25 series launches, this chip will likely be a successor to the current Exynos 2400, probably named the Exynos 2500.

To set the Ultra model apart, it may continue to use the Snapdragon chipset in all markets. There was an initial rumor from leaker Connor saying that Exynos would be used in all Galaxy S25 phones. But more recent report from DigiTimes indicates that Samsung will maintain its dual-chip strategy. And it will feature both the Snapdragon 8 Gen 4 and Exynos 2500.

While there’s no information yet about the battery capacity of the Samsung Galaxy S25 Ultra, one area that hopefully sees improvement is the slow wired charging speeds. Currently maxing out at 25W, these speeds lag behind many other Android flagships. We’re keeping an eye out for updates on this front.

Samsung Galaxy S25 ultra’s expected price

The Galaxy S25 Ultra will likely be a bit more expensive than the S24 Ultra, which is already the priciest option in the lineup. If the rumors about increased RAM are true, here’s a potential price comparison for S25 Ultra:

  • (256 GB): $1,299.99 (same as S24 Ultra)
  • (512 GB): $1,469.99 ($50 more)
  • (1 TB): $1,709.99 ($50 more)

As we’re still early in the rumor cycle, be sure to check back later for updated pricing information.

Should You Wait for the S25?

If you haven’t upgraded your phone in a while or are using an older Galaxy model like the S20 or S21, waiting for the Galaxy S25 might be wise as it could offer significant upgrades. However, if you’ve recently upgraded or own a relatively modern device like the Galaxy S23 or S24, holding off may not be necessary. Unless the S25 introduces compelling features that align with your needs. Keep an eye out for updates as more information about the Galaxy S25 becomes available.

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