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Snapchat users struggle to remove My AI bot from chat

Snapchat users struggle to remove My AI bot from chat
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Several Snapchat users are reportedly facing difficulties in unpinning the My AI bot from the top of their chat and wish to remove it.

Apparently, only subscribers to Snapchat+ have the option to remove it, leaving other users feeling excluded and discriminated against.

This issue has sparked concerns and attracted attention, as many individuals are reluctant to purchase an additional subscription solely to eliminate this annoyance.

Reports of Snapchat users expressing to remove My AI from chat

Affected users have taken to Twitter to express their disappointment and demand a solution to remove the bot.

Furthermore, it has come to light that certain Snapchat+ users are unable to permanently eliminate My AI from their chat, as it continues to reappear repeatedly.

“How do I remove the ai person from my feed I don’t want him,” reported one user.

The persistent presence of My AI has frustrated some users to the point where they are contemplating deleting their entire Snapchat account.

It is hoped that Snapchat will heed the requests of its users and introduce an option to remove or unpin My AI from chats in the platform.

Here’s how you can remove or disable it

A step to unpin My AI from the UI:

“To unpin My AI, go to your Snapchat+ management screen from your Profile, and toggle off ‘My AI,’ according to Snapchat support.

1. Tap the ⚙️ button in the Profile screen to open Settings
2. Scroll down to “Privacy Controls” and tap ‘Clear Data’
3. Tap ‘Clear Conversations’

There’s another way you can hide ‘My AI’ from chats. “Hold down on it’s face on the tab where all your chats with different people are -> chat settings -> clear conversation. It’s technically still your friend but it’s not in the way or visible anymore,” as suggested by a Snapchat user. As per user reports, there seems to be no necessity for a premium subscription in order to utilize this method.

While some Snapchat users are actively seeking ways to disable or hide My AI from their chat list, there is another group of users who are eagerly awaiting the availability of this feature. It appears that the response to My AI’s presence on the chat list is mixed, with varying preferences and expectations among Snapchat users.


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