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Is ‘Snapchat best friends’ list coming back?

Snapchat ‘temporarily disabled’ error
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Many rumors were floating about the Snapchat best friends list option coming back.

Snapchat used to be different in the past. It was the same as the current app function, as the Best Friends option allowed users to see the top friends they often chat with. But earlier, Snapchat even showed others your exclusive Best Friends List. Many users saw it as a violation of their privacy.

An update restricted others from seeing your Best Friends List. But there has been speculation that the previous system is making a comeback.

Snapchat is a famous instant messaging app used by millions around the world. The filters, disappearing messages, and streaks made it popular among Millennials.

Updates about the Snapchat best friends list coming back

Recently there have been multiple reports hinting towards the comeback of the old Snapchat Best Friends List in which other users could see your list.

Users were not happy about Snapchat update arriving on October 1 with possibility of bringing along the old feature.

Rumors began spreading on Tiktok and other platforms. There have been many Tiktoks claiming the revival of the option.

However, there has been no confirmed statement from Snapchat about the new update’s features. It only seems to be a Tiktok trend that has gone viral.

Snapchat’s response and new update

“Is it true that there is an update coming tomorrow about the best friend list? What’s all over TikTok that everyone can see you’re best friend list?” a user tweeted.

In response to a user’s query, the Snapchat support team said that the Best Friends List is not publicly visible. “Hi! Best Friends lists are no longer public, but you can still see who your Best Friends are on Snapchat!,” they tweeted on September 30.

Therefore, it seems like there is no real chance of the Best Friends list being made public, at least not in the near future.

The new Snapchat update on iOS with v12.02.0.31 which was earlier said to bring Best Friend List, confirmed that the feature is not coming back.

The public Best Friends List is a thing of the past so Snapchat users can stop worrying about their privacy concerns.


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