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Top 10 Best Water Parks In The World

Top 10 Best Water Parks In The World

Nothing beats spending some hours at a water park during a sunny summer period. Water parks are for both kids and adults. One good thing about them is that they could help to stimulate creativity and communication among little children. Besides, they can always help to promote cognitive development in kids. As an adult, visiting water parks is a good way of relieving yourself of work stress. Today, there are thousands of water parks across the world. In the United States and Canada alone, statistics show that these countries have over 1,175 water parks as of 2020. That said, here’s a burning question; what exactly are the top 10 best water parks in the world today?

According to findings, Wet N’ Wild is one of the top 10 water parks across the globe today. You can check below to see the full list of these water parks.

List of the top 10 best water parks in the world

1. Wet N’ Wild

Top 10 Best Water Parks In The World

Occupying the first position on Insider Paper’s top 10 list of the best water parks in the world is Wet N’ Wild Orlando. This water park, located in Orlando, Florida, was established in 1947 by George Millay, the founder of SeaWorld. Wet N’ Wild was finally closed down in December 2016, and replaced by a tropical-themed water park called Volcano Bay.

2. Aquaventure Water Park

Top 10 Best Water Parks In The World: Aquaventure Water Park

Another popular water park on this top 10 list is Aquaventure. This water park, located in Atlantis, Dubai, is arguably the best in the United Arab Emirates. Interestingly, this beautiful tropical water Park has something for everyone that visits it. For instance, the park has waterfalls and a private beach, which is about 700 meters long. That’s not all; Aquaventure also has tunnels located inside the Tower of Neptune – you’ll surely enjoy various water coasters here.

Visiting Aquaventure is certainly one of the best ways to go on a vacation. However, you need to understand that it’ll cost you a few bucks to enjoy everything this place offers. Aquaventure opens almost every day, starting from 10.00 AM to Sunset.

3. Ocean World in Korea

Top 10 Best Water Parks In The World: Ocean World in Korea

Occupying the third spot on this top 10 list of the best water parks in the world is Ocean World. This water park, located in Daemyung Resort, is the biggest in South Korea. Ocean World has some of the most beautiful features you’ll surely like in a water park. For instance, it has extreme slides, a wave pool, saunas, and a few kid-friendly attractions. That’s not all; different foods and beverages are also available for you at the water park.

4. Caribbean Bay

Top 10 Best Water Parks In The World: Caribbean Bay

Occupying this position on our top 10 list of the best water parks in the world is Caribbean Bay. This water park is also located in South Korea – Yongin. The Ocean World might be the best in the country in terms of its features, but the Caribbean Bay water park is certainly okay. It’s not as far as Ocean World; this explains why many people prefer visiting this water park.

The Caribbean Bay water park has different facilities that you’ll certainly enjoy once you visit. For instance, the park has an Aquatic Center – this is located in the indoor zone of Caribbean Bay. Other facilities you’ll find in this water park are bay slides, sea waves, a fortress, and a wild river.

5. Wisconsin Dells

Top 10 Best Water Parks In The World: Wisconsin Dells

Wisconsin Dells, as the name suggests, is one of the most popular water parks in the United States. To be precise, this water park is located in Wisconsin, US. Many people often call Wisconsin Dells the capital of water parks in the world. That’s so because it’s currently the largest waterpark in the USA.

Visiting Wisconsin Dells water park is worthwhile because you’ll enjoy a lot of things, such as unlimited splashes in the indoor water park, life jackets & towels, free Wi-Fi connection, spacious suites, and enough sanitary spaces.

6. Beijing National

Beijing National

The sixth water park on our top 10 list of the best water parks in the world is Beijing National. This water park, also called the Water Cell, was created in 2008 for the Summer Olympics swimming competitions. After the Olympics, the people in charge redesigned the water park, making it more fun for people to visit. Now, this water has several amazing facilities, including multitudinous water lifts, a surge pool, slides, and many gym areas.

7. Kalahari Resorts and conventions

Kalahari Resorts and conventions

The Kalahari Resorts is, no doubt, one of the biggest water parks in the United States. This water park is available in many locations, including Wisconsin Dells, Sandusky, Pocono Manor, Pennsylvania, and Texas.

The Kalahari Resorts is a water park owned by Todd Nelson. These water parks first opened in 2000 in Wisconsin. The biggest of these water parks is in Round Rock and it has a stretch of about 223,000 ft².

8. Beach Park (Aquiraz)

Beach Park (Aquiraz)

Beach Park occupies the eighth spot on our list of the top 10 best water parks in the world. This water park is on the beach of Porto das Dunas in the Aquiraz municipality. Beach Park has several extreme attractions. For example, it has a 135-feet tall Water Slide, now considered the second tallest water slide in the world. Besides, you’ll also find Arrepius in this water park. Arrepius is a collection of ProSlide water slides with a skybox.

9. Siam Park

Siam Park

Siam Park is the largest water park in the coastal suburb of Tenerife, in the Canary Islands. This park has different facilities and attractions. For instance, it has Volcano, a four-person ProSlide Behemoth Bowl slide. This water Park also has The Dragon, a 20-meter wide ProSlide Tornado. Other rides you’ll find in the Siam Park are Wave Palace, Naga Racer, Mai Thai River, Tower of Power, Lost City, Patong Rapids, Jungle Snakes, Mekong Rapids, and a few others.

10. Waterbom


Located in Bali, Waterbom delivers its visitors tons of fun experiences and attractions. This water park has a 3-hectare stretch and includes different facilities to keep you excited.


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