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List Of Top 10 Best Gyms In The World 2024

Top 10 Best Gyms In The World

Gyms are not just for getting fit; they also keep your brain active and help reduce stress. Sweating during workouts is good because it removes salt and keeps your bones strong. If you want to do great workouts, you should either set up your gym or go to a good one nearby. Our list has the top 10 best gyms in the world. Experts say that going to the gym is great for your health and can lower the risk of certain problems like type 2 diabetes. Make 2024 the year you prioritize your health and fitness journey!

Top 10 Best Gyms In The World In 2024

1- Equinox Group (USA, Canada, and London)

Top 10 Best Gyms In The World: eQUINOX

To start with, Equinox is one of the top 10 best gyms in the world because it offers standard activities, including yoga, HIIT, barre, indoor cycling, and many more. However, the monthly membership fee isn’t cheap as it’s an elite brand. Equinox was established on September 23, 1991, and has its headquarters located in New York. Currently, the luxury fitness company has expanded its business reach to London, Toronto, and Vancouver.

2- Planet Fitness (Multiple locations)

Experts commend Planet Fitness for its affordability. A Planet Fitness Black Card membership not only grants access to all their locations but also offers additional perks, such as bringing a guest at any time. With 2,300 locations globally, including all 50 U.S. states and various countries, The gym is accessible to everyone, regardless of their body shape, size, or experience level. The gym’s laid-back atmosphere (branded as a ‘judgment-free zone’), makes it an excellent choice for students new to working out or those feeling intimidated by traditional gym settings. Members also have the option to download the free Planet Fitness app, offering workout videos, exercise tutorials, and equipment guidance.

3- Orangetheory Fitness (FL, USA)

Orangetheory Fitness stands out as the best workout led by personal trainers. Orangetheory is a distinctive gym where members engage in group classes, each led by personal trainers and incorporating rowing, cardio, and strength training. The classes are flexible, allowing members to tailor them to their fitness levels. The cardio component offers options like treadmills, bikes, and ‘striders’ (ellipticals). Orangetheory Fitness offers three membership tiers, with varying class allowances per month, and prices differ based on location. The basic membership includes four classes per month, while the premium membership grants access to unlimited classes.

4- Virgin Active (Tanjong Pagar, Singapore)

Top 10 Best Gyms In The World: Virgin Active

Virgin Active is one of the best fitness companies in Singapore and in the world. The company offers more than 200 different group classes weekly, giving room for busy people to catch up. Interestingly, it also has branches located in a few other countries, including South Africa, Italy, England, Australia, Botswana, Namibia, and Thailand. Virgin Active is on our list of the top 10 best gyms in the world because of its amazing facilities and classes.

5- Titan Fitness (Sydney, Australia)

titan fitness

Titan Fitness is one of the best gyms you can trust when you travel to Australia. Apart from being in the business for more than 26 years, the gym also offers high-quality fitness training and classes. Talking about its training, the Sydney-based fitness company offers a range of classes, including Western Boxing, Muay Thai, and many more.

6- The Burrow (Kuwait)

Top 10 Best Gyms In The World

The Burrow, located in Kuwait, is not just a gym, but also a lifestyle. With its high-quality training equipment and great trainers, you’ll surely enjoy the fitness center when you visit it. Although the company focuses on Muay Thai, a type of martial art, it also has boxing rings, where you can train better.

7- Anytime Fitness (Woodbury, Minnesota, United States)

Anytime Fitness, founded in 2002 by Chuck Runyon, Dave Mortensen, and Jeff Klinger, is the seventh on our list of top 10 best gyms in the world. That’s because of its great facility and a range of classes, which it offers to its members. Apart from that, it’s also one of the best because it operates its services in 4,000 locations in 50 countries. Although the monthly membership fee at Anytime Fitness varies, the average price is between $30 and $40.

8- WIT CrossFit (London, UK)

Originally a Shoreditch pop-up, global fitness retailer WIT expanded to establish a physical store with an integrated CrossFit gym in 2017. In 2023, WIT transcends being just a brand, shop, nutrition bar, or gym. Beyond providing world-class coaching and a diverse class offering, the gym hosts frequent events through its Outside The Box program. While monthly memberships come at a cost, individual classes are available for £20, and open gym passes can be purchased for £17.50. Interested individuals can also inquire about a free trial session.

9- Gold’s Gym (California, USA)

Gold’s Gym has a strong presence in commercial plazas and bustling downtowns across medium to large cities in the U.S., boasting over 700 locations worldwide as of 2020, with the majority situated in North America. However, the original Gold’s Gym, often referred to as the O.G. (Original Gold’s), is located in Venice Beach, California. While Gold’s Gym in Venice may not offer the latest spa-like amenities, its substantial size and no-nonsense approach make it a formidable choice, especially for those focused on serious bodybuilding.

10- BARE Fitness (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)

For a top-notch fitness transformation, visit BARE Fitness in Clover Bay Tower. Their scientifically proven HIIT + weights program is designed to burn calories more efficiently than traditional workouts. The studio offers a lively atmosphere, and daily muscle-focused routines, and features custom ‘SkillMill’ treadmills guided by expert instructors. With a focus on achieving personal bests and unlocking full potential, BARE Fitness guarantees a workout experience that stands out from the rest.

These exceptional gyms stand out for their unique offerings and commitment to fitness excellence. Whether it’s the accessible and judgment-free environment of Planet Fitness, the iconic legacy of Gold’s Gym in Venice Beach, or the scientifically proven HIIT + weights program at BARE Fitness, each gym on the list brings something special to the table. These gyms cater to a variety of preferences, ensuring that individuals can find the perfect fit for their fitness journey. Whether you’re a seasoned fitness enthusiast or just starting, these gyms offer the tools and atmosphere to support your health and wellness goals.

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