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Trump slammed Bush over Capitol riot remark on 9/11: ”He shouldn’t be lecturing anybody!’

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Former President Donald Trump on Monday slammed former President George W. Bush on Monday in a statement, saying his Republican colleague had a “failed and uninspiring presidency” and shouldn’t be “lecturing” Americans about the threat posed by domestic terrorism.

Trump’s statement came two days after Bush warned, during remarks commemorating the 20th anniversary of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks that occurred during his presidency, that there is growing evidence that domestic terrorism may pose as much of a threat to the United States as international terrorism.


“So interesting to watch former President Bush, who is responsible for getting us into the quicksand of the Middle East (and then not winning!), as he lectures us that terrorists on the “right” are a bigger problem than those from foreign countries that hate America, and that are pouring into our Country right now. If that is so, why was he willing to spend trillions of dollars and be responsible for the death of perhaps millions of people? He shouldn’t be lecturing us about anything. The World Trade Center came down during his watch. Bush led a failed and uninspiring presidency. He shouldn’t be lecturing anybody!”

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