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Trump’s ‘Truth Social’ network contacts influencers to reserve their spots

trump social network influencers
Trump's social site (Screenshot)

A company linked to former President Donald Trump is preparing to launch a new social network called TRUTH Social, which is quietly reaching out to influencers. The social network is requesting that these influencers “reserve their spots” for when it launches by the end of March.

Social network affiliated with Trump emails influencers

Of note, the social network does not mention Trump or its affiliation with him in its contact with the influencers. Axios was the first to report the email being sent to social media influencers. Some of them suggested that the lack of reference to Trump’s name might even be a ploy to get their help without the knowing about the social network’s affiliation with him.

The news outlet obtained the email that was being sent out. In the message, a TRUTH Social representative named Ana asks the influencer if they want to “reserve” their “preferred username for when we launch in late February/ early March.”

According to Axios, the email came from the address [email protected]. The social network’s holding company is the Trump Media & Technology Group, or TMTG, although it doesn’t mention the former president in the email to the influencers.

Attempts to reach the email’s sender

Although the email is signed by someone named “Ana,” it doesn’t have a last name. Axios apparently called the number included in the message, which is in a Palm Beach County area code, but it’s a dead number.

The news outlet sent a message to the email address used to send the email, and it does appear to be a working address. However, it did not receive a response to its inquiry. TRUTH Social did not respond to Axios’ request for comment.

The news outlet reports that some of the influencers contacted by the Trump-affiliated social network are Democrats who have publicly denounced the former president. For example, food blogger Jeremy Jacobwitz has posted anti-Trump content several times on TikTok, and food and travel writer Gillie Houston told Axios that she doesn’t intend to reply to the email and has been anti-Trump vocally.


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