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Turkey Gives Citizenship To Members Of Hamas

Turkey Gives Citizenship Hamas

According to the latest report, Turkey is now giving citizenship to senior operatives of the Hamas group. In case you don’t know, the group is a Palestinian Sunni-Islamic fundamentalist militant organization. With the new move, it’s now raised fears that the Palestinian group will have the freedom to plot attacks on Israel citizens. The reason for that is because a few countries, including Israel, believes the group is a terrorist organization.

Turkey Gives Citizenship To Senior Operatives Of Hamas Group

A report, which came from the Telegraph, says that the government of Turkey has now given citizenship to at least one of 12 senior operatives of the Hamas group. Apart from that, the report mentioned that the senior agents also received an 11-digit identity number. According to the News channel, it was able to acquire the information, after getting access to the Turkish identity papers.

While shedding more light on it, a senior source told Telegraph that Turkey already gave seven of the 12 senior Hamas operatives citizenship and passports. As for the remaining five, processes are already underway, for them to also become citizens.

As mentioned earlier, Hamas is a Palestinian Sunni-Islamic fundamentalist militant organization. The group aims to help liberate Palestinians from Israeli occupation and also to create an Islamic state. However, according to the United States and the European Union, the group is a terrorist organization. So far, a few countries, including Britain, have banned the group’s armed wing.

Furthermore, contrary to the US and EU’s opinion, Turkey insists that the Palestinian group is a legitimate political movement, elected democratically in Gaza.

According to what a senior source told Telegraph, Turkey was only able to grant citizenship to the senior operatives after receiving a lot of pressure from the Hamas group.

Here’s a brief of what the unnamed source said below:

“These are not foot soldiers but the most senior Hamas operatives outside of Gaza. [They] are actively raising funds and directing operatives to carry out attacks in the present day.

“The Turkish Government gave in to pressure by Hamas to grant citizenship to its operatives. That allows them to travel more freely, endangering other countries that have listed Hamas as a terror group.”

Here Are Some Of The Senior Hamas Operatives

Zacharia Najib is one of the 12 operatives of the Hamas group to receive Turkish citizenship. According to the Telegraph, Najib is the Senior Hamas operative that organized the assassination of the mayor of Jerusalem. Some of the senior operatives of the group also include Jihad Ya’amor and Hisham Hijaz, and they have received citizenship.

According to the government of Isreal, Hamas is making use of the Turkish territory to carry out different attacks. However, Turkey said the claim is not valid, as it frowns against terrorism in its country.

As for the Turkish passport, holders will get to travel, with free Visas to Japan, South Korea, Singapore, and Serbia. Also, the country is now putting effort into extending the privileges to European Union countries, according to Telegraph.

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