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Twitter now makes it easy to search tweet of any specific user

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Twitter has added a new search button to profile pages, making it easier to search through tweets from a specific user.

According to The Verge, a social media consultant noticed that the button appeared for a small number of users last month, but XDA Developers reports that the feature has now been widely rolled out in the service’s iOS app.

According to the report, the ability to limit a search to a single user’s tweets is not a new Twitter feature.

You can get the same result by typing “from:(Twitter handle) (search term)” into the regular Twitter search box.

The new button makes life a little easier. It could be useful if, for example, you want to find an article about which you vaguely recall someone tweeting months ago but cannot recall the specifics.

The new search button is just one of many new features that Twitter has added to its service in recent months.

Just last week, the platform enabled iOS users worldwide to Super Follow Twitter accounts, which means they can now pay for access to bonus content from platform creators.

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