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Twitter working on feature that would allow multiple users to co-author a tweet

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Twitter is working on a feature called “Collaborations” that will allow multiple users to co-author a tweet.

According to TechCrunch, the option has not yet been made public and only works after one user accepts a request to collaborate from another.

It also appears to allude to a possible plan to allow creators to collaborate with businesses on brand ad deals, which is already common on rival social networks such as YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and others.

Twitter’s “Collaborations” feature was discovered in the app’s code by mobile developer Alessandro Paluzzi, who shared references he discovered that indicated Twitter was working on a way for two people to become co-authors on a single tweet back in December 2021.

In this case, both people’s Twitter handles and names would appear above the tweet’s content at the top.

Paluzzi discovered a collaborations button had been added to the tweet composer screen earlier this year, and he discovered how the co-authors’ profile pictures would appear — one overlaid on top of the other -; when their tweeted-out “Collab” appeared in the Twitter Timeline.

Paluzzi discovered new evidence of the feature’s development when he tweeted a screenshot demonstrating how Twitter Collaborations would work.

Users would first ask a person or brand to “co-own” a tweet with them and then wait for them to accept the request, according to Twitter. Twitter explains in this introductory screen that when the other user accepts the request, both accounts are shown as co-authors on the tweet.

Paluzzi told TechCrunch that he hasn’t found anything in the code that would limit this feature’s availability to specific users, such as creators who use Twitter’s Super Follows.


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