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US Military Base Anacostia-Bolling on lockdown in Washington DC

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UPDATE: All clear given at Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling and shelter in place has been lifted as Airman Kevin Tanenbaum confirms the suspect is detained.

A military base (Anacostia-Bolling) in Washington DC has been placed on lockdown following reports of an armed individual on the base.

On Friday, Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling announced on its Facebook page that the base had been placed on lockdown. The person was spotted on the south side of the base, according to the notice, and anyone who encounters the person should run and hide.

According to the Facebook post, the “description of the individual” sought is “a black male with a medium build carrying a Gucci bag.”

“LOCKDOWN LOCKDOWN LOCKDOWN | There is a potential armed individual on Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling, the last known location was on the South side near Blanchard Barracks. If you encounter the individual and have a safe route, RUN. If you do not have a safe route to run, HIDE. Barricade your door, turn off the lights and your cell phone ringer, and remain silent. If you are hiding, prepare to FIGHT. Description of the individual is a black male with a medium build carrying a Gucci Bag. If you see the individual, call 911 or BDOC at 202-767-5000.” Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling wrote on its Facebook page.

The 905-acre base in southeast Washington is home to Air Force, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard units, as well as the Naval Criminal Investigative Service’s Washington field office and the Defense Intelligence Agency’s headquarters.

According to a new update, Not one, but two individuals are being looked for on the military base in DC. Second individual is said to be wearing green pants and a white top.

UPDATE 2: “LOCKDOWN LOCKDOWN LOCKDOWN | Be on the lockout for *ONE* individual on base. Continue to shelter in place. The individual in question is a black male, medium build with dreads that are mid-back in length. He is wearing blue or green pants and a white tank top (possibly with a bag). Do not go looking for the individual. If you see this person, please call JBAB Security Forces at 202-767-5000. Continue to lockdown.” Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling updated on its Facebook post.


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