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Video: Minneapolis protester throws ‘Captain America Shield’ at police officer

Captain America Shield Minneapolis protestor

In today’s news of the casualties surfacing at the Minneapolis protests, a Minneapolis protestor behaved in a deplorable manner when he flung the trash can lid at a Police Officer’s head in a manner imitating Captain America’s shield. Needless to say, the unfortunate police officer sustained critical injuries but is thankfully expected to recover soon. The shocking footage from the scene illustrates the Minneapolis Protestor throwing the trash can lid with great force aimed at the back of a police officer’s head. After the hit, the police officer is shown to fall down instantly.

The trash can slid imitating Captain America’s shield

The force with the protestor slung the trash can lid imitating Captain America’s shield is apparent from the sound as the trash can lid hit the officer’s skull. Users on social media commented that the sound was exactly like the one heard in Avengers movies featuring Captain America’s shield.  However, social media users are also skeptical of the supposed injuries incurred by the policeman. They claim that a lightweight trash can lid traveling at a slow speed is impossible to knock out a fully grown man. This claim is especially relevant since the mainstream media has continued to show biased footage and news. This biased view has been maintained by mainstream media for decades to invalidate the #BlackLivesMatter movement.

The reasons for throwing the trash can lid at the Police officer are unknown, it appears that the Minneapolis protester engaged in a random attack with no apparent motive. However, the video does make it look like the Minneapolis protestor waited till the police officer’s back was fully turned to aim his shot. Social media users speculated that the hit was meant to symbolize the manner in which the police hit Jacob Black when his head was turned. The attack shown symbolizes the sheer disgust and disapproval of police brutality.

Minneapolis protestor and the nationwide protests

When peaceful protests are disrupted with acts of violence either against the police by protestors or against the protestors by police, the situation becomes dangerous. Peace and stability should be maintained in protests to ensure the message gets around and is heard clear and well. The protestors should maintain their stance of peaceful protests by not engaging in such acts of violence that cause harm to the entire movement. Many people also claim that the video only shows one side of the story, one user tweeted, “He must’ve done something before the video to deserve this”.

In the wake of George Floyd’s murder, protests have engulfed the United States since May 2020. The unfortunate murder of George Floyd occurred in police custody and is concrete evidence of police brutality against the innocent people of color. This murder followed massive nationwide protests and movements highlighting the cruelties inflicted on Black people in the United States. Despite laws banning discrimination on racial grounds, Black people have been continually deprived of their basic rights and liberties.

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