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Video: Watch Trump defend his longtime ally Rudy Giuliani

Trump should never hold office again: US insurrection report
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Former President Trump defended his longtime ally Rudy Giuliani, while speaking at the first rally held after January 6 in Wellington, Ohio.


You fight for the Constitution like the greatest Mayor in the history of the city of New York, Rudy Giuliani, they cancel your law license. Radical left wing Democrats, they cancel your law license. And the FBI agents go and raid your home like they did to Rudy Giuliani. Think of it.  He was the greatest Mayor in the history of the city. He took a city that was almost as bad as it is now with Grand. And he solved the problem. And he made it a hot, great place. And this is the way they treat him. It’s a very, very sad and very, very dangerous time for our country. This corrupt establishment is censoring, blacklisting and persecuting people who call them out on their flagrant lies and deceit.

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