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Viral Video: Frog’s Shower Time

A viral video of a frog enjoying the water coming out from supposedly a HVAC duct or a hole to runoff shower or rain water. The video of the frog has been posted by many users on different platforms. It’s unknown where it was recorded and who first posted it.

Video of the frog has already gone viral on 9gag, Imgur and Twitter. However, this is not the only video of the frog enjoying in the water, back in April 2019, ABC Sydney posted a video of a frog taking a shower under a down pipe.

A user on Twitter said, “This frog looks like a Japanese monk practicing asceticism by being hit by a waterfall.”

“This may look like the frog is being refreshed in cool, flowing water, but it’s actually acid spit out by Satan himself, and the frog is petrified while its entire body burns with searing pain,” a user describes the video.

Another user on tweeted, “Nah that’s me sitting in front of the water jets in a pool. Optimism is all I have.”

“Splish, splash, I was takin’ a bath, long about Saturday night…” a user on Imgur commented.


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