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Moose running across the river in a viral video

A video circulating on social media has sparked a debate about whether it is photoshop or magic visible in the video. The video shows a Moose running across a river. A man in a boat shots the video, the video shows a Moose racing along the river. At first sight, many people confused the Moose for a horse as it rushes across the river, paddling around water as it goes.

Is it Moose or magic?

The river happens to be between a valley, the scene resembles that of a mystical movie. The video also shows water splashing around by the impact of the Moose’s hooves. Which makes one wonder, could it be real? It is not possible to photoshop something this realistic and beautiful. Multiple replays of the video revealed that it did not for one bit seem glitchy like usual photoshopped videos. Needless to say, the video mistified thousands of users on social media.

One user commented, “I just came to the comments to see if anyone was gonna explain how the Moose is doing it. But NO. Everyone had to build a religion around it.” It does seem like the Moose is defying all laws of physics and nature. Many other people feel that the Moose might be a sign of some religion. For centuries, people have associated such miracles with religion. This is mainly because in most religious scripture, there are tales of such creatures and miracles.

Moose running across the river defies laws of physics

Other users formed their own theories, “A guess: Moose (meese?) are very big and that water is shallower than it looks. You can see it starts splashing more water near the end when it crosses the deep part of the river.” This could be true, it is a possibility that the water was really shallow and the video was shot at such an angle that it made it look as if the Moose was gliding above the water. However, we replayed the video multiple times to confirm this. The beginning of the video in no way indicates that the water is shallow. The water seems at a similar depth as it would it any other normal river.

Moose’s, sometimes often confused with very scary looking horses are actually the largest of the deer species. Male Moose’s are characterized by their huge antlers which can extend to about 6 feet from end to end. The antlers make these creatures seem more frightening than they actually are.

Moose’s are usually found in higher pastures and shrubs. In summers, when the ice melts and temperatures decrease, Moose are often seen in lakes and rivers. In winters, herds of Moose resort to wetlands. Moose are usually considered to be at home in the water, they are incredible swimmers are known for paddling several miles at a time. This fact does make it seem that the video was indeed real.

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