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Viral Video: 6-Month-Old Baby Water Skiing

A viral video surfaced on social media showing a tiny 6-month-old baby water skiing. Rich Casey Humpherys is only 6 months and 4 days old, but he’s already broken a world record of being the youngest ever skier. This month, Rich Casey Humpherys became the youngest water skier in the world. At his age, most babies struggle with saying their first words. “I went water skiing for my 6 month birthday. Apparently that’s a big deal … #worldrecord,” reads the caption of the viral video.

6-month-old baby water skiing breaks the world record

However, the viral video has sparked considerable criticism from social media users. Critics emphasize on the safety hazards posed by the act, they blame parents for prioritizing shredding over safety. The video shows the tiny baby clad in a life-jacket as he holds onto a bar-topped board and is gently pulled across the crystal clear waters of Lake Powell, Utah, by another vessel.

Parents of the six-month-old baby, Casey and Mindi  Humpherys also received a significant amount of comments blaming them for not prioritizing their child’s health. Being six months old is extremely early for such activities, this age is fragile and crucial for baby’s development. “Yes [you’re] an adventurous family but this just isn’t okay,” critiqued one viewer. “So many things could have gone wrong. [It’s] not cute just for likes.” While several other people also found the video adorable, one such user commented, “This is NOT child abuse,” wrote another. “Ppl need to stop always coddling their children this baby is 6 months and is living his best life.”

The viral video invites concern from users

Further digging revealed that the six-month-old baby Rich is already a celebrity. He has spent his brief and well-documented time on Earth living life to the fullest. The Instagram account his parents have created to document his adventures shows him riding a turtle, experiencing the beauty of America’s state parks, being around horses, and spending July 4 on a boat. Rich’s parents have tried their best to instill an adventurous spirit in their baby.

Baby Rich broke the world record held by a Florida native Zyla St. Onge, who becomes the youngest water skier in 2016 when she was just 6 months and 27 days old. Many people express disappointment at such records because they feel children at such a tender age should be protected from all safety hazards. An average child learns to walk at around one year of age, till this time the bones in a baby’s body are extremely fragile. Any injuries experienced at this stage may result in life long disabilities.

Needless to say, despite the safety concerns, everyone is impressed at baby Rich’s newest world record. It is likely that the little adventurer will go far in life and we wish him the very best for his future endeavors!

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