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Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram down for many users [UPDATED]

Whatsapp instagram down

Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram are down for many users around the world. Users took to social media site Twitter to complain about the service outage.

Famous DownDetector shows multiple complaints by Facebook owned Instagram and WhatsApp users saying that the social media services are down.

Users on WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger could not send or receive messages, and Instagram would not refresh. Many users report that they see “Couldn’t Refresh Feed” message on Instagram.

A user on Twitter wrote, “Whatsapp, Instagram and Facebook users arriving to Twitter to see if their inferior apps are down.”

No statements or reasons were posted to either of the three companies’ websites that why the services are down.

At the time of writing, Facebook’s platform status dashboard doesn’t show any open issues or indicators regarding what may be happening yet.

According to the Outage Report website, in the last 20 minutes, 1,100 complaints have been received from 81 countries about WhatsApp alone.

Reports of issues regarding Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp are flooding in from many countries, including the US, Middle East, Europe, and Asia, as the outage does not appear to be regional.

UPDATE 14:40: All services have been restored and social media sites are back.

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