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Thousands of Facebook and Instagram users report login issue worldwide

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Facebook and Instagram are currently down, affecting thousands of users worldwide, Mirror reported. The problems started around Tuesday afternoon for many users and are still ongoing. There seems to be no estimated time for resolution.

Over 300,000 Facebook and 20,000 Instagram reports on Downdetector amidst Meta’s largest outage yet

According to Downdetector, a platform that tracks global outages, there are over 90,000 reports of Facebook being down, and over 16,000 reports for Instagram. This outage is one of the largest faced by Meta, the parent company of these platforms, in recent years.

During its peak, over 250,000 Facebook users in the UK and more than half a million users in the US reported experiencing issues, Metro reported.

The cause of the problems is unclear, but many frustrated users have turned to alternative social media platforms like X to express their frustrations. Users usually get “session expired” or “unexpected error” messages. Some users feared whether their accounts got hacked.

One user named Cryto expressed, “Can’t access my account, Facebook is Down,” while another user named Hickman stated, “Facebook Down, Instagram Down, everything in Meta down.”

When users try to log back into Facebook, the platform claims it doesn’t recognize their passwords, even after they’ve changed them.

“We are aware of an issue impacting Facebook Login. Our engineering teams are actively looking to resolve the issue as quickly as possible,” Meta said.

Google’s advertising status page indicates a disturbance in the operation of the company’s Ad Manager starting around 3:30 PM GMT. The company mentioned it was examining reports of additional problems.

However, Google’s troubles are more localized compared to those experienced by Meta, with the majority of consumer-oriented services, such as Search and YouTube, operating normally.

Users encounter glitches across Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp in different regions of the world

These widespread issues are uncommon for Meta’s apps, and hopefully, the technical team is working hard to resolve the glitch promptly. In addition to Facebook and Instagram, it appears that Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp are also experiencing outages for some.

One Instagram user posted: “I have just opened the Instagram app on my phone, and I can view my personal page, but none of my posts are showing and I am met with a message “Couldn’t load posts.”

“On my Instagram feed, I can see previously loaded posts, but I am met with a message that says: “Couldn’t refresh feed,” another person posted.

Maham Khattak, residing in Australia, shared: “Anyone else’s #Facebook logged out? Can’t log back in, keeps saying session expired or unexpected error?”

Users from various regions including the US, Brazil, India, and Guatemala have also reported similar problems on X. #instagram down is currently trending.

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