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Wi-Fi disconnecting issue shows up on some iPhones after iOS 16.1 update 

iPhone changing wallpaper black iOS 16.1.1

Multiple iPhone users have reported a Wi-Fi disconnecting issue after the latest iOS 16.1 update. Apple rolled out the newest update on October 24 which apparently came with many bugs.

Other issues such as Tap-to-Wake being slow or laggy and screen or animation stuttering when swiping up have also been reported.

Reports of iOS 16.1 update triggering Wi-Fi disconnecting issue

Many users updated their phones and experienced a myriad of problems after. Many iPhone users took to social media to complain about Wi-Fi instability. They claim that their devices connect and disconnect from the Wi-Fi automatically.

Most affected iPhone users faced inconvenience due to unreliable internet connection. Some said they were forced to switch to a cellular network to support the connection.

“After updating iOS on my iPhone 11, the wifi did not work stably. every minute it disconnects itself from my home wifi, and after a few seconds, it connects back. Can you help me with my problem because I can not fully use the phone? Thanks,” a user posted.

“Hi, apple support with ios 16.1 my phones wifi is unstable I always connect the iPhone to pc via wifi to the internet. I suffer disconnected and connected many times. I can’t keep a call on messenger and my internet is down all time and interrupt my meetings,” a user tweeted.

Apparently, the issue has been around for a month as indicated by some reports.

No workaround or acknowledgement

Basic troubleshooting methods such as restarting the modem, resetting network settings, and trying other Wi-Fi networks does not work for users.

Unluckily, Apple hasn’t commented on the Wi-Fi connectivity issue after iOS 16.1 update. Therefore, it’s not clear when a fix will be available.

The recent iOS 16.1 update has not been all bad as it fixed many other bugs. Nevertheless, an unstable Wi-Fi Phone can be a huge inconvenience for people. We hope a fix is available soon.

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