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‘Wolf of Wall Street’ Jordan Belfort says it’s ‘obvious’ Hunter Biden is the White House cocaine culprit

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Jordan Belfort, the real-life “Wolf of Wall Street,” believes that Hunter Biden, not his father Joe Biden, is the one responsible for the cocaine found in the White House. Belfort discussed this during an interview with Jesse Watters Primetime on Monday.

Wolf of Wall Street Jordan Belfort says it’s ‘obvious’ that Hunter Biden was guilty of the White House cocaine, says it could not be Joe

Belfort, whose life inspired the movie “The Wolf of Wall Street” starring Leonardo DiCaprio, said Joe Biden would “probably sound a lot sharper on TV’ if he were using drugs, NY Post reported. The former stockbroker, who has a history of fraud and drug addiction, shared his theory based on his understanding of how addicts think and behave.

He explained that addicts often hide small amounts of drugs in accessible locations for a “quick hit” and easy use later on. When questioned about his instincts regarding the investigation, Belfort mentioned that the presence of the illicit drug in the White House library suggested that it was being kept or stored in that area.

“In other words, you could easily keep it in your pocket — get in and out without getting detected — so the person that put it there had to be there on a consistent basis to keep using it undetected.”

Belfort added that most of these clues hinted toward Hunter because ‘People don’t typically stop using the drug unless they’ve suffered massive consequences,’ he told Watters.

“Typically, that’s just not the way it happens, although I seriously hope he’s not still an addict,” he added.

US Secret Service Closes White House Cocaine Investigation Due to ‘Lack of Evidence’

Last week, the US Secret Service (USSS) decided to end the investigation into the cocaine found in the White House due to a “lack of evidence.” This surprising decision came 11 days after the drugs were discovered in a locker in the West Wing on July 2, DailyMail reported.

After the cocaine incident, Hunter Biden and his family celebrated the Fourth of July with fireworks at the White House, just two days later. In a short video of the family on the Truman Balcony, Hunter raised suspicion when he sniffed his hand oddly while moving away from his family.

Belfort made a lot of money by persuading clients to invest in cheap stocks using misleading or exaggerated information, according to DailyMail. However, he ended up serving a 22-month prison sentence after admitting his involvement in financial crimes during the 1990s.

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