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YouTube Users Want Location Filters To Avoid Indian Language Videos

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With over 2 billion users across the world, you’ll surely agree with us that YouTube is one of the most popular platforms available out there. The video streaming platform is favored by many because it offers people the chance to access different content from anywhere in the world. However, one issue with YouTube is that its search option doesn’t offer users the ability to filter locations and languages. According to the latest reports, several users have taken to various social media platforms, including YouTube Help Community, complaining that they rarely get video results that are in their local language or from their locations. Furthermore, the users, who mostly get Indian videos from the YouTube search result page, are now asking for how to filter location.

Users Complain That YouTube Search Results Mostly Show Indian Videos

According to some YouTube users, who have now taken to social media platforms, they said they mostly get Indian videos from the YouTube search results page. Now, the angry users are asking YouTube to provide an option, which will allow them to filter locations and languages.

Let’s have a quick look at some of the reports below.

According to Kw Pang, the YouTube user said:

“It’s very annoying to find out the video in a language we don’t know while the title was in English. Pls, implement a filter to avoid result showing from these countries.”

Another user, who also often gets Indian Videos from the YouTube Results page, said he’d appreciate it if the company can provide a solution for the annoying issue. Furthermore, he also mentioned that he has started checking for other alternatives to YouTube. In addition to that, the user also mentioned that he has set his location to the US. Despite that, whenever he uses the YouTube search box, 90% of results show Indian videos.

Have you ever used the YouTube search filter option before? If yes, then you’ll agree that the option to filter locations and languages is missing. The section only provides users with the ability to have control over the type of video, relevance, and update time. However, you need not worry too much about the issue, as there’s a workaround to address it.

YouTube Search Results Indian Videos and Location Filter

Use This Workaround

Are you one of those seeking the options to filter locations and languages? If yes, the good news is there’s a workaround for you. In case you don’t know, YouTube has an in-built search filter system,. This allows you to add a dash before any keyword. This is a command, which simply asks the search result to neglect the keyword.

Let’s say you add a dash before Hindi and India in this format: “Samsung Galaxy Note 20 -Hindi -India”. With that, it means you’re searching for Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and also restricting any Hindi or Indian video from the YouTube research page. So, for you to use the location and language filter, you only need to add a dash before the keyword. You can check here for what a user said regarding the workaround.

You’ll also be able to filter locations and restrict the search result to a specific country when you add the location to the search keyword.

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