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YouTube video size decreases on iPad after an ad: reports

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Some iPad users have reported that YouTube video size decreases when in full screen mode. The issue usually occurs after an ad starts playing.

iPad users complain about YouTube video size shrinking on full screen after ad

The screen size gets smaller while still in a full window and only a blank screen is left. Users have to manually close the full screen mode and enable it again to bring back the normal screen.

Users tagged YouTube in tweets and on Reddit forums to make them aware about the issue.

“@YouTube Can you please fix the iPad app every time an ad runs in a video on fullscreen it reverts back to the normal size while the rest of the screen remains black is very annoying,” posted one user.

“Is anyone else noticing today that videos played on iPad revert to the pre-fullscreen size after playing an ad, leaving this black portion in the rest of the frame?”

“@YouTube iOS fix needed. I don’t know why but the app on iPad seems to break full screen after an ad.”

YouTube acknowledged the issue

YouTube support was quick to respond to frustrated users. The support team said they are working to fix the video size shrinking issue on the iPad.

“We’ve seen similar reports about video not fitting on iPad after ads & we’re working on a fix,” they replied to a user’s tweet on Tuesday.

However, there was no ETA provided by the company.

YouTube is always working on new updates to stay ahead of times. They have introduced advanced features such as Super Chat and Channel Memberships. These features are helpful for the new generation of live content creators.

They have also taken the trend of live streams to a whole other level. During the pandemic, a lot of celebrities and content creators raised funds with the help of live streams.

YouTube fans take comments seriously. The UI also prioritizes viewers and provides an option to sort comments based on the exact moment within a playback. This is great for offering more context and meaning to an individual’s comment.

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